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«The unbearable beauty of the text».

Handscroll is a tumblr theme with horizontal scrolling, multi-column and responsive layout.

Created with a focus on typography, it is dedicated to all those who love to write and read long text posts.

This theme offers two original functions: the possibility to choose between four types of pre-installed fonts to insert illustrations into posts or make effective comic strips; and the ability to turn your blog (especially in the tablet and ebook reader) into a real PDF viewer app thanks to navigation "page by page". This system allows to move of a section equal to the supported width browser, by clicking the sides of the screen.

Handscroll is equipped with many html structures for a powerful and effective text formatting, such as pull quotes or footnotes, it has many options for a deep customization.

Among the services supported, I report Print Friendly (to convert the post into a PDF file) and dotEPUB (to convert the post in ePub or mobi format).

You can get an idea how these functions work by taking a look at the demo. On this website, as well as illustrating the various features, I wrote a guide to make them easy to use: just copy and paste the code that is found in those articles.



Demo page with the guides to utilize the functionalities of this theme.

For any questions, suggestions or recommendations, please contact me via this Ask me page. Thanks.

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