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A simple functional single-column tumblr theme designed for you.


Because of all your emails and undying appreciation for this theme. A better, smoother, versatile, and more functional version of leer is now here. 


What's new - v.1.3

  • Fixed photoset's lightbox and gutter
  • Fixed video responsiveness
  • SCM music player works now
  • Cleaned the messy code
  • Now supports answer post
  • Audio post fixed
  • Other bugs fixed



  • One column
  • 500px Posts
  • 620px Posts
  • 700px Posts
  • 900px Posts
  • Background image
  • Custom header image
  • It supports disqus and google analytics
  • Photoset lightbox
  • Customizable colors
  • High resolution  photos
  • Full control on theme's typography
  • Custom footer
  • Supports pages
  • Responsive Photoset
  • Responsive audio player
  • Responsive video player



  • Small rectangle at the top
    *annoys everyone
  • Install link
    *everyone wants to get rid of it
  • Responsive layout
    *doesn't not support certain devices
  • Faded post
    *barely used
  • Syntax Highlighter
    *barely used
  • Social media link
  • Fade in transition
    *conflicts with SCM music player


If you've got queries, personal questions, or suggestion you can send an email to

Support pour le thème: