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Museo is a hand-crafted theme designed for bloggers that love posting media and crave a responsive multi-column design with lots of room for custom adjustments and additions.

Major Features:

  • Responsive layout: the number of columns will change with window size: automatically displaying an optimum number of columns on desktops, laptops, iPhones and iPads. Museo can display up to 7 columns for super-high resolution displays.
  • Masonry & Infinite Scrolling: using Masonry, Museo is able to achieve a signature brick-like layout and with Infinite Scrolling built-in the amount of content visitors can view is endless.
  • Google Fonts: for headings and paragraph text, Google hosts over 600 web fonts for you to choose from.

Minor Features:

  • Fixed navigation: option to fix the navigation to the top of the browser when scrolling throughout the blog.
  • Google Analytics: enable in-depth blog analytics by pasting the Google Analytics account ID into the appropriate box.
  • Border-radius & Drop-shadow: text variable to adjust the opacity of drop-shadow effects and the roundness of post borders.
  • Customisable Header: the blog header can be collapsed into the navigation bar, an optional tagline and the ability to replace the blog-title text with a logo image.
  • Localization & Icons: supports multiple languages and uses a combination of icon fonts from Entypo and Font Awesome.
  • High-resolution Photos, Photosets and Videos: index pages feature a non-standard post width of 300px, a sweet spot between the standard 250px and 400px. Permalink pages feature a post width of 624px.
  • Detailed Permalink Page Meta: permalink pages feature in-depth information about the post, as well as download links for audio files and high-resolution photo links.

New in Version 2 [May, 2013]:

  • Semantic Variables: variable titles on the customise page are more suitably named and feature capitalisation, too.
  • Float Navigation on Scroll: less judder when switching from fixed to normal.
  • Masonry animations: smoother animations (thanks to CSS-based animations and ImagesLoaded) when loading new posts on infinite-scroll enabled blogs.
  • Better fonts & Element Support: revisions to the standard formatting set (bold, italic, strike, block quote, ordered and unordered lists, heading sizes), now includes some extra formatting too (code, pre, definition lists, address, citations, small).
  • More Columns: for those of you rocking 27" iMacs and the like.
  • Search & Tag Pages: optional search box and newly added support for 'tag pages'.