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General Settings and Customizations

  • Custom accent colors allow you to show off your unique style
  • Upload your own background to make it yours
  • Page support so you can create and manage additional pages
  • Infinite scrolling will automatically load more posts as you move down the page
  • Enter your Twitter username to show recent tweets
  • Visitors can leave comments via Facebook
  • Google Analytics support to track user activity

Outstanding support

All 45royale themes are fully supported by our support staff. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us via email at, on Twitter at @45royale, or via our Facebook page.

Fully responsive layout

We’ve integrated a fully responsive layout that adjusts on the fly. Whether you’re viewing Ceramic on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device, we promise it will always look its best.

Custom audio and video players

We’ve improved upon Tumblr’s audio and video functionality, giving you a unique and custom experience when posting music or video. Our HTML5 audio player supports MP3 uploads and Soundcloud embeds, while the video player works great with all of the major video providers (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Get Social

Ceramic supports links to all of your favorite accounts. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus,, Rdio, Vimeo, and YouTube are just the tip of the iceberg. The social possibilities are practically endless.

Theme support:

This theme provides a unique design for your Tumblr. A pale yellow background is accented with seafoam and salmon icons with text highlights. A neutral running stitch gives the theme a handmade look.
Bagua provides a very customizable and functional design for your Tumblr. A blonde wood or geometric background is accented with default seafoam, salmon, or blue icons and text highlights.
Circularity, our top seller, is a theme for bloggers who are looking to create a strong social media presence for their Tumblr.
Wave is our insanely customizable premium theme for Tumblr. With a ton of options, you can select a single column or two column layout to best suit your content.