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This is a theme made for writing. It features a relaxed, minimalistic design to allow the content to shine and keep distractions to a minimum.

If you have a passion for the written word- your own or maybe other people’s – you can use this theme to share it with the world.


We work hard to keep our themes up-to-date with bug fixes and improvements. In the meantime, if there is anything that you want to ask us you can contact us at

Stuck on something?

If you need any help with any features, tweaks or have a recommendation for us, you can email us at or tweet us @neverbland and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. We also have full usage documentation up at our support section on

Social Features

This theme gives you the option to embed your Facebook and Twitter accounts directly on the site.

Appearance Options

With easily customisable elements we’ve made it simple to give your site a unique touch.  Please refer to the FAQs on for more information.

We’ve used minimalistic design and subtle animations to create this big impact theme for musicians and bands.
A simple multi column portfolio theme for displaying your work. Connect your online media and customise the theme to personalise your portfolio.