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Paper Stacks, the first Tumblr theme designed for touch. Developed in collaboration by FiftyThree and ALLDAYEVERYDAY. Paper Stacks is a beautiful new way to showcase your ideas and inspiration discovered across the web.

  • Touch. Built from the ground up for touch. Swipe through images and enjoy photo sets presented in paper stacks. 
  • Curate. Select up to 5 posts to feature in the top carousel. Tag posts with "featured" to display.
  • Learn. A stunning multi-column detail view for source, descriptions, and comments. 
  • Display. Show your ideas and passions beautifully in an endless scrolling gallery. Works in landscape and portrait views.
  • Interact. Play with Paper Stacks and be inspired on Made With Paper.

Paper Stacks Pro is a premium theme with maximum customization options. Customizable fonts, full color selection, background photo, and logo. Add a profile slide with social media links to connect audiences with your work across the web. Let your passion shine.


How do I activate the carousel at the top of the theme?

To activate the carousel tag at least one post as featured. You can promote up to 5 stories this way. If you are using the pro theme you'll need to tag at least one story as featured for the profile slide to appear. 

How do I create the photo stacks?

To make a photo stack create a Tumblr photo post and upload multiple images to the post. Any photo post with more than one photo will appear as a Stack on your tumblr. 

How do I customize colors, fonts and background images?

Go to and change 'YOURTUMBLR' with the name of the tumblr blog you're editing. Below you'll see a number of options for customizing colors, fonts and background images. If you're using pro you'll have more option to customize colors. To utilize the background photo you'll need to be using the carousel function. 

How do I make a custom profile slide?

This function is only available in Paper Stacks Pro. The profile slide will pull in your tumblr description automatically. To add a photo simply upload one at the customize screen in tumblr. To link to your social media channels add the urls you would like to direct to in the appropriate fields at the customize screen. Any url you add will automatically include the icon with your profile.

For further support please feel free to contact us at

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