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Justinfied, yes spelled Justinfied after Justin, is a theme that places content in the center of the browser window and adjusts to any screen size. Posts are sized and positioned based on their heights and are continuously paginated with infinite scroll. The fixed footer keeps relevant and important links on screen no matter where you are on the blog.

  • Does this theme include infinite scroll?
    Yes, it's turned on by default in fact.
  • Can I change the number of posts on each line?
    No, the posts are automatically arranged based on their height and the width of the browser. You can alter the height of posts which essentially alters the number of posts per line, the smaller the height the more posts per line.
  • Can posts be liked and reblogged from the index page?
    Yes, posts can be liked and reblogged from the index page, this however cannot be disabled.
  • Can I change the font used for headers?
    Yes, the header font can be changed by changing the name in the text box to the desired font name. All options are listed on Google Webfonts. There are currently 500+ fonts to choose from, all you need is the name of the font. You may also use common fonts such as Helvetica and Arial.
  • Can I customize the colors of the footer background and text?
    Yes, both the background and text of the footer and the general background and blog text can be customized.
  • Does this theme include Disqus integration?
    Not yet...
  • How customizable is the background?
    Very, there are 5 options: background color, background image, repeat background, center background and stretch background.
  • What happens if the content exceeds the defined height?
    Images and videos will not exceed the defined height, however audio embeds, text, quotes, links, chats, answers and photosets may exceed the defined height. If this happens, the post will have a vertical scrollbar (unless you disable it under the appearance menu in Customize).
Bit is about small and small is cool. Who needs big posts anyway?
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