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  • Todas las publicaciones
  • Colores personalizados
  • Imágenes personalizadas
  • Comentarios de Disqus
  • Siguiendo
  • Compatible con blogs en grupo
  • Alta resolución
  • Me gusta
  • Buscar
  • Etiquetas
  • Twitter

Like our other themes, Metropolis offers unique features such as the Sticky Post and Featured Posts.

In addition, Metropolis includes:

  • All Post Types
  • Sharing: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr
  • Photos: Instagram and Flickr
  • Comments: Disqus
  • Music: Soundcloud and Spotify
  • Analytics: Google and Clicky
  • Custom Fonts: Google and TypeKit
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Images
  • Endless Scrolling
  • Social Icons for 20+ services
  • Likes
  • Following
  • Latest Tweet
  • Group Blog Support
  • Search
  • Tags

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Feel free to review your support documentation, ask us questions, give us feedback and feature requests at help.storyware.us.

Thank you for checking out our theme!

Ayuda sobre los temas: help@storyware.us

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