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Scrapbook 2012

The Scrapbook 2012 theme was inspired by my fiancé’s love of Pinterest, Etsy and various other vintage/craft type sites, and I hope it can be a platform for similar folk to showcase beautiful things from across the web.

For a full breakdown of there theme, please visit my launch page here


- I've spotted a flaw, can you fix it?

I'm happy to fix and bugs and flaws you find, just drop me a message through, or for a quicker response just tweet me @mrdavidingram

To be kept up to date with future updates and features of this theme please follow me on Twitter.

- Is it possible to have the home page infinite scroll?

I hear you loud and clear with this one, it will definitely be a good addition to the theme. This is something that will be included in the next updated, follow me on @mrdavidingram to hear about it first.

- Are there any additional social icons available?

The social icons on the site are pulled from the brilliant Grunge Peeling Stickers set by dawghousedesignstudio

To add any additional icons you will need to jump into the HTML and insert them into the code. If you need any help doing this, please get in touch.

- Will there be any more updates on the Scrapbook 2012 Theme?

Yes, I am happy to continue adding updates to the theme as long as they are desired. If there are any features or changes you'd like to see please just get in touch and let me know.

I can't guarantee that I will make every change requested, but if they sound cool and will improve the quality of the site then I'm likely to say yes.

For any support queries please contact me via, or fire me a tweet @mrdavidingram 

This theme was developed with support from the Digital Media Team

Block Digital
Block Digital
Block Digital is a clean and contemporary theme, launched as the first offering from UK based Developer David Ingram.