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- I've spotted a flaw, can you fix it?

I'm happy to fix and bugs and flaws you find, just drop me a message through

To be kept up to date with future updates and features of this theme please follow me on Twitter.

- Can I change the font-size of the title?

I am working on an updated that will let you customize the title size from your 'customize' screen, however at the moment, it will involve getting stuck into the HTML (go on, get your hands dirty). Just follow these steps:

- Click 'Customize' and 'Edit HTML'

- Click Ctrl and F to search

- Search for: h1.h1title

- Directly under this you will see: font-size:64px;

- Change this number to change the title size. The higher the number, the bigger the title. For example: font-size:90px; would make the title much bigger

- Once you've change the number, click 'Update Preview' then 'Save'

There you go, really simple! For those of you who aren't confident playing with the code, please watch this space for the update.

- Are there additional social media icons to go with the Twitter, RSS and Follow buttons?

At the moment I have just created the three icons, however I am open to creating some more. If there are any particular ones you'd like to see (Facebook, Pinterest etc etc) fire me a tweet to let me know and I will see what I can do.

The icons are fairly simple to create, so I am happy to look at making this a bigger feature if required.

- Can I use a custom image instead of a text title

This is a feature that will be included in the next update. It can be done by playing with the HTML as above, however this is a more complicated update so I'd only advise if you are confident with basic web coding.

If you want more details on how to do this, fire me a tweet @mrdavidingram

- Will there be any more updates on the Block Digital Theme?

Yes, I am happy to continue adding updates to the theme as long as they are desired. If there are any features or changes you'd like to see please just get in touch and let me know.

I can't guarantee that I will make every change requested, but if they sound cool and will improve the quality of the site then I'm likely to say yes.

For any support queries please contact me via

This theme was developed with support from the Digital Media Team at

Scrapbook 2012
Scrapbook 2012
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