• Custom colors
  • Custom images
  • Disqus comments
  • Group blog support
  • High res
  • Localization
  • Search
  • Tags
  • Twitter

Designed with professional bloggers in mind, Anchor has full color customization — every single color is customizable, including the icons. An optional row across the top lets you highlight your best posts.

Other features include Disqus support, most commented module, Google Analytics support, Facebook Like and Tweet buttons, and simple drop-ins in the theme code for standard banner ad sizes.

Full list of options:

  • Show Avatar in Banner: inserts your Tumblr icon to the left of the banner text
  • Show Archives in Navigation: shows a link to the archives page in the navigation bar
  • Show Authors in Posts: shows the name of the post author in the sidebar of each post
  • Show Share Box in Posts: adds a link to open a share box including a Tweet button, a Facebook Like button, and a short URL
  • Show Top Commented In Sidebar: if you’re using Disqus, shows the top 5 most commented posts
  • Show Tweet in Sidebar: if you have Twitter connected under the Services tab, shows your most recent tweet
  • Show About in Sidebar: shows the blog description in the sidebar
  • Show Authors in Sidebar: if you have a group blog, shows the authors on the blog
  • Features Tag: if you add a tag here, the blog will show a “feature bar” across the top of the blog, highlighting the 5 most recent posts with the given tag
  • Network URL: if a Network logo image is used, this specifies where it links to
  • Plus support for Disqus, Google Analytics, and links to your accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Email


  • Banner: an image replacing the main header where the blog title goes
  • Network logo: a logo that appears in the top left, so you can link back to a parent blog/website


  • Background: the color of the main column of the site
  • Banner Shadow: the color of the shadow on the logo in the main banner
  • Gutter: the color of the areas to the left and right of the page
  • Primary: the main color used on most interactive elements of the theme
  • Secondary: The accent color used throughout
  • Tertiary: The color of smaller lines and breaks
  • Text: The color of the text (duh!)
Rank & File
Rank & File
Functional & fit, good for group blogs. Professional but not conservative.