And now I present

the vocaloid hunger games:

Reasons I despise Len: number 1

✨Yuu killed his brother✨

Len runs away from his sister

and Yuu is off the rails

Yuuma started a ✨fire✨

The yandere herself is scared of the pink haired twink

1, Yuuma no


3, I sense rinku

Round 2

kyo you idiot

✨Yuuma killed his bf✨

And in another game


dont ambush the arsonist

How the vocaloids would be playing lazer tag, in my hc:

Yohioloid: *about to get thrown off a deck*

Fukase: *about to throw Yohioloid off a deck because he won’t tell him where Oliver is hiding*

Kyo: *sniping people from the deck*

Yuu: *hiding with Oliver, protecting him*

Yuuma: *he’s with kyo, also sniping people*

Oliver: *being protected by yuu*

Len: *also threatening to throw Yohioloid off a deck because him and fukase want to ambush the rest of the meme squad*

Flower: *being the risk taker and attempting to attack kyo, and is also covering maika*

Maika: *attempting to get to the deck to save Yohioloid, and is also being covered by flower*

Dex: *also attempting to save Yohioloid, but currently in a war with piko*

Piko: *fighting against Dex*

Rin: *shooting at Len from the maze thing*

Miku: *being attacked by both kyo and yuuma*

How the vocaloids would react to being on an obstacle course

In my hc

Yohioloid: *he’s stuck on an obstacle bc fear of heights*

Kyo: *mans zooming through the course*

Yuuma: *stuck on a platform*

Yuu: *trying to help Yuuma through the course*

Fukase: *breaking literally every rule of the course and ends up falling off*

Len: *was breaking rules with fukase*

Flower: *speedrunning against Maika to beat the course*

Maika: *was speedrunning against flower, but got distracted by kyo and fell off*

Oliver: *also stuck on a platform*

Piko: *not on the course and is holding everyone’s stuff*

Rin: *not allowed on the course because she started a fight with Len*

Headcanon Doodle!

Been thinking about the dynamics among the Yamaha Vocaloids lately, so I drew one of my headcanons! Please excuse the... Awful proportions. Kyo isn't supposed to dwarf Fukase, but eh what can ya do?

So Fukase is quite rowdy and has a tendency to try and cause trouble with others. Luckily, even tho he's not human, he doesn't seem to have any extraordinary offensive capabilities and is easily overpowered by strong/tall humans.

Kyo (who I headcanon to b the tallest of all Vocaloids) has his own way of getting Fukase to stop his shenanigans. He simply picks him up and holds him like that until he calms down. Or alternatively will take him away into another area, haha! Obviously, Fukase is NOT a fan of this, but Kyo literally doesn't care, like, u're the one causing trouble dude just calm urself and we won't have problems

That's all for today! Enjoy!