Okay I just want to say this. The creator of this program was more than kind by doing this. He doesn't know me from a hole in the wall, but decided to give me this program for free, simply out the kindness of his heart. In time I want to repay him as well as give more as a thank you. In the meantime I'd like everyone who can afford this program (and who enjoyed the trial as much as I have) to go out and get this program. It's only 17$ and it really is a great program. I want the creator to get as much publicity with this program as possible. Honestly I'm so touched by this and I want to make sure his program gets the notoriety it deserves. LET'S HELP HIM WITH A COME UP GUYS! If you can't afford it, just reblog 😊 zenwriter



My first thought on zen writer? i think its great! It's a good program and i find i can focus a lot better when i'm using it. the backround music is calming, the backround image is calming, and i'm liking the day/night function(personally, i like night) i always dreaded writing because i'm a lazy bastard. But  zenwriter makes it easy and relaxing to write. I think if i got the full version, i'd start to write a lot more. The typing sounds are also really nice! i can already start to feel myself relaxing! i found this off of tumblr from sombody. My tumblr blog(one of 3) recently hit 100 followers! i couldn't believe it at first. i'd have to say the people that i like interacting with the most are geraldmariavio, armortechno, and yesyourbatman, i always appreciate it when someone reblogs my crappy posts. I mainly post about earth being space Australia, lgbt positivity and generally anything i find funny. i seem to attract a wide and varied collection of people to my blog, my other blogs are more-fandom-***kery, a blog where i post most of my fanfom related things, and i'mHungryforsketchhungry, a blog dedicated to one of my favorite tumblr artist @sketchhungry, they post amazing and adorable RWBY art that i(and many others)cant get enough of. I'm following (and am followed by) many writers, like idonthaveanaccent, and amazing space Australia writer, caffinewitchcraft, a writer who isn't active much but is amazing, and geraldmariavio, a good freind of mine and prbably the biggest sonic fan i know, also they write great space stuff. i think i've said enough. for now

Anonymous asked:

What do you write on?

Originally I wrote on Microsoft word directly.

However, I recently discovered an app called "ZenWriter," which rids of all clutter typically found in writing apps, giving you the bare minimum. So visually, you see what you type, and that's all. You can still bold and italicize and center things, but it's just aesthetically less busy.

The best part is you can download what you write into a pdf or HTML file afterwards. The only catch, which urks me because I'm naturally a very particular person, is the indentations.

Their indentations don't match Word's indentations. So I find myself having to go back and re-indent every paragraph. Which, I mean, in theory, isn't a big deal until you realize that my whole style is obnoxiously long chapters. Redoing the indentations of 1-5k chapters is one thing, it's an entire another playing field when your work is 15-20k long 🥺 So don't be surprised if you notice a sudden inconsistency revolving indentations from now on, since I have to redo the older chapters of Limerence anyway, it isn't that big a deal.

But, in short, I write on ZenWriter, transfer to Word where I edit (to the best of my abilities), and I use Grammarly for that as well, huge help. And once that's done, I post~!

dear writers

get ZenWriter. No kidding, i've gotten farther in my story in the past 5 hours than i have all summer please it is so great and i just 

i really appreciate this. It's so calm and it makes clicky noises when you type which is so satisfying (you can turn that off if you want but) and the background you can change, like i changed the background so it kinda fits the scenery of my story 

and the music is so calming

and it saves itself 

and it's beautiful.


Both Zenwriter and Ommwriter are no longer free.

Well, fuck you guys, too.

Are there any similar programs out there that are free? Or at least don't render all your work completely useless when the free trial runs out?

I love when I actually have a day off of work and I’m all, “Yeahhh let’s write!” but my brain is just, “Lol, no honey.” 

This has been my page for the last couple hours:

Let’s all pray that night time kicks my productivity into gear as it usually does. >.>

P.S - This is what Zenwriter looks like but fun part is it has a bunch of chill looking backgrounds to suit whatever you want. 

Constantly shouting out for this program but I honestly just love it lmao. 

I redownloded Zenwriter because im in that patch again where I struggle to get anything written down on Word.

Zenwriter is such perfection. I know I have shouted about it before but any writer who struggles with focusing etc, this is a pure gem.

It’s like $15 but imo it is well worth it 👌🏼