The mega-low budget 20-minute short that launched the Sci-Fi Channel in Europe in 1998, starring Doug Bradley and Eileen Daly. Featuring monster designs by Yasushi Nirasawa, this sickly combination of live-action, stop-motion and paupers' CG was created by Alan Grant of 2000AD fame and Tony Luke, the creator of the first ever manga to be done by British men and published in Kodansha Comic Afternoon.

It also features Neil Gaiman as the voice of “Anti-God Baal” 

Only here can you see models of demonic Nirasawa monsters duke it out to late 90′s drum n bass while Pinhead and Neil Gaiman with a voice modulator commentate. 

@titleknown & @bogleech, this seems like something you’d already know about, but I wanted to be sure. 

Out of curiosity, is there a name for that very busy/decadently-baroque style you see in a lot of Japanese media, IE Persona, Madoka Magica, anything by Tetsuya Nomura or the late Yasushi Nirasawa, ect?

You know what I mean? Because, I’ve seen a lot of folks refer to it as “overdesigned,” but I wish more folks in the west’d consider it legitimate and use it in more stuff; especially in film*, and giving it a name would help a lot...

*Tho, fun fact, the closest Western films I’ve seen to aesthetically matching it are; of all things; Monkeybone and the Lego Batman movie...