Finish Shit February

So you've heard of Inktober?

Here's a concept that I literally just came up with because I am a garbage fire that is incapable of finishing ANYTHING: every day of February should be used to finish your works-in-progress. It doesn't matter how old they are (like, it could literally be a piece that is 20 years old in a sketchbook you dug out from your garage), as long as you FINISH it! It could be a fanfiction you abandoned back in 2013! Doesn't matter! Finish it! An illustration that just needs color to be done? EXCELLENT! FINISH IT! A cosplay that just needs some finishing touches? FINISH ITTT!

I know that I easily have at least 28 pieces that are half finished or almost completed, and my guess is that I'm not the only one.

So yeah, FINISH SHIT FEBRUARY. You've got a few months to plan for it so no excuses (I'm talking to myself here, FYI.)

Keeping up with the updates

To help keep everyone up-to-date with my writing, I made this. Please refer to this rather than ask when something is going to be updated!

So, the following is how it typically goes. These will help you better understand where I am with my projects. 

Idea plotting > outlining > first draft > revised draft > beta reading > final revision > posted. 

Thirst - Jungkook x Reader - First draft, 45% completed

⇥ Summary tbd; vampire!Jungkook and hunter!reader

Coffee Smile - Namjoon x Reader - First draft, 30% completed

⇥ Coffee shops, Skype calls, and thousands of miles in between. The distance doesn't usually bother you so much, but the months are growing shorter and your bed is feeling colder and colder.

Projects In Motion:


Upcoming Projects:

Hyde - NamjoonxReader, series - First Draft

⇥ Lawyers!Namjoon and Reader; angst, mystery

Kingpin - YoongixReader, series - Outlining

⇥ Mafia!Yoongi; thriller, violent

Inner Needs Pt 2 - JiminxReader - Outlining

⇥ Jimin makes good on his offer to kidnap you, only he has no interest is submitting this time

The Sacrifice - JungkookxReader, possible series - Outlining

⇥ Historical setting; ancient god!Jungkook, human!Reader

Better With Me - JiminxReader - Outlining

⇥ Idol!Jimin; angst, infidelity

Change In You - TaehyungxReader - Outlining

⇥ Historical setting, vampire!Taehyung, human!Reader

↠ most recent ( day/month )

{ 2019 }

Heliotrope: Busan Beefcake | Taehyung 13/11

Heliotrope: Bottoms Up | Taehyung 08/09

Heliotrope: Trust Me (M) | Taehyung 12/08

Heliotrope: Game Over | Taehyung 22/07

Heliotrope: The Talk | Taehyung 14/07

By Its Cover | Yoongi 10/06

Cardboard Castle (M) | Jungkook 09/05

The Last [1] | Yoongi 07/04

{ 2018 }

Carnal Cupidity (M) | Taehyung 04/09

Park’s Paradise of Muggle Merchandise (drabble) | Jungkook 18/08

Nocturne (M) | Yoongi 29/07

For anyone who’s curious about what’s whirling around in my mind and which concepts i’m currently spending my time on!

↠ works in progress

Official WIPs

This is a list of things I have planned and I’m currently working on. These are early synopses and might be slightly changed throughout development and writing.

  1. Unchaste (kinky. possibly dark!) Bucky medieval au): Reader is the daughter of a lord and catches the eye of a certain duke. Her father barters her hand in an arranged marriage and she finds herself faced with a lifetime with a man she doesn’t quite know.
  2. Kingdom of the Son (dark!Thor fic): Odin has died and Thor is crowned as the new king of Asgard. With no restraints set on his desires, he roves the court for every fancy he could dream on. And then one day he sees you (reader).
  3. Prey (dark!Loki): Our reader is a lonely cafe manager, still not over the relationship she fell out of the year before. Caught up in her own mind, she doesn’t notice that she’s become fixture of another’s life until it’s too late.
  4. Far From Home (professor!Loki, possibly dark): Our reader is a naive university student in her third year. She’s been accepted to an exchange program in England which marks her first trip abroad and first time living away from home. One of her professors takes note of her peculiar accent and the lost look in her eyes. Will he turn out to be mentor or tormentor?
  5. Untitled (dark!Steve Rogers): The reader is stood up while awaiting a blind date, instead finding herself keeping company with the restaurant’s famous owner; Steve Rogers. After that night, she tries to forget her humiliation but she just can’t shake one thing about that night: him.

Tell me what you think in my inbox and I’ll keep you all updated.

If you don't mind saying, I was wondering if Fluff and Phangs is going to have non sexual BDSM? I'm most curious about if itll have non sexual D/s in particular but curious about it on the whole as well. Sending positive vibes your way


The fluff and Phangs version, at present, does contain non sexual elements of that part of their relationship dynamic. The sexual sub/dom play in the erotica version of the manuscript tends to range from very intense sexual scenes, to very soft, warm scenes. For the non-sex version of the book, I’ve removed about 99% of those scenes and replaced them with other relationship “stuff”, but the softness and the way they play off each other remains very much the same.

Nathan has a very strong, warm personality, very sure, very calming, very much the Big Spoon and a huge part of his personality is his love of taking care of people. It’s just his thing. He’s a soft Dom, basically, and that element about him doesn’t change between books. He is who he is. He gets a far bigger emotional happy from taking care of people and giving them what they want, far more than anything else that might interest him, and Vlad needs a lot of kindness, he’s needs that warmth and reassurance. As does Ursula to some degree (though she’ll deny it, tooth and nail).

So there will be scenes, that are devoid of sexual interaction, but where Vlad is perhaps being a little needy, a little clingy, and quite a bit anxious, and Nathan just lifts the anxiety away with a lot of soothing, both verbal and physical. Similarly with Ursula who tends to be a little harsher, there’s a lot of playful verbal needling followed by her own kind of aftercare which differs from Nathan’s, but is still caring and tactile in terms of physical displays of affection.

The easiest examples I can think of is one scene in particular where Vlad is just emotionally and physically exhausted and he drops to his knees in front of Ursula cause stick a fork in him he’s done, he needs comfort and for someone else to be in charge for a little bit and maybe pet his hair and tell him he did a good job until the stress drains out his bones. Or like in the first book when Vlad works himself into such a state of over exhaustion he makes himself ill, and Nathan winds up using his Dom tone of voice to override him and gently pushes and prods him into performing self-care, helped along by Nathan because he’s not unconvinced the vampire won’t drown in the tub if left unattended. (The fact that vampires cannot drown is irrelevant lol.)

Another example of how the scenes pan out would be this excerpt from book 2:

“Don’t,” Ursula said, without even bothering to look up, and Vlad, hand halfway to his mouth, flinched.
“I wasn’t—”
“You were going to prod your tooth,” she said, looking up from her book and giving him a level stare, “again.”
“It hurts,” he whined plaintively, contenting himself with bracing his face with the palm of his hand.
Usually by now he’d be blitzed out of his mind, four bottles deep and several narcotics down the rabbit hole towards oblivion. But he’d been sober for just over a year and had no desire to give it up—pain lanced through his face and he cringed—yet.
“Put clove oil on it,” Ursula told him, and Vlad rolled his eyes mournfully toward her.
“I have.”
“Put more on.”
“Put more on what?” Nathan asked, emerging from the other room, running a towel over his wet hair so that it stuck up at all ends.
“He’s teething,” Ursula said, and Vlad glowered at both of them.
“I am not teething. My canine is regrowing.”
“So,” Nathan began, a poorly suppressed smile tugging at his lips, “teething then.”
“Fuck off,” Vlad muttered, pulling his knees up and wrapping the throw over the top of his head and shoulders. He heard Nathan’s amused chuckle, and curled further inward, refusing to be coaxed. He yelped a moment later when he felt the world shift, the couch dipping as Nathan sat down and pulled Vlad effortlessly into his lap.
“Oh, there now,” the other man soothed, rubbing his hands up and down Vlad’s back. “No sulking.”
“I reiterate my previous statement,” Vlad muttered, hiding his face against Nathan’s chest, “fuck off.”
Nathan chuckled again, the sound vibrating through Vlad’s bones. “Look up.”
Vlad looked up, watching as Nathan unscrewed the top of his hip flask, upending it but keeping it stopped with his thumb. “Open.”
Vlad opened his mouth, going cross eyed to try and keep Nathan in focus as his lover gently, oh so gently pressed his rum soaked finger to Vlad’s tender gum.
“Spoiled.” Ursula said beside them, though not unfondly as she reached out and raked sharp fingernails through his hair.
“I know.” Nathan crooned dulcetly as Vlad melted into him. “But we all need a little spoiling sometimes.”

Largely I’ve tried to convey it through the act of care, which most people overlook when they think of BDSM dynamics, or if they do, it’s usually as an afterthought, something obligatory you have to mention to keep it safe, sane and consensual. Which I mean, I get it, people are usually reading BDSM for the harder, taboo stuff, but there’s more to BDSM than whips and chains, and it’s that “more” I’ve always been more interested in. And I think (I hope) I’ve kept that part of their dynamic intact.

So yea, non-sexual kink elements exist in the Fluff and Phangs version. It might get toned down some more, depending on how beta goes, but at the moment it is what it is.


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-♡ : fluff // ✰ : humor // ♔ : smut

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S O C I A L M E D I A A U ’ S

mamma mia (hyung line au)

  • pairing: hyung line x single mom!reader
  • genre: ☏✎♡✰♔
  • status: planning
  • eta: ???


cursed (woke!taehyung spin-off)

  • pairing: witch!taehyung x cursed!reader
  • genre: ☏✎♡✰♧♔
  • status: planning
  • eta: spring 2021


finding bigfoot — part two (ct!yoongi)

months after the hiking trip that changed your life, you fly out to move in with your long-distance boyfriend, yoongi... but nothing could prepare you for what’s waiting when you arrive

  • pairing: ct!yoongi x girlfriend!reader
  • genre: ☏✎♡✰♧♔ (1 text part, 1 drabble)
  • status: planning
  • eta: spring 2021


evaporate (ghosted!taehyung spin-off)

  • pairing: psychic!taehyung x ghost!reader
  • genre: ✎♡♤♔♧
  • status: writing
  • eta: spring 2021


little red (kim namjoon)

  • type: fairytale au
  • genre: ✎♡♤♔♧
  • status: writing
  • eta: january 2021

beauty and the beast (min yoongi)

  • type: fairytale au
  • genre: ✎♡♤♔♧
  • status: writing
  • eta: february 2021

swan lake (kim seokjin)

  • type: fairytale au
  • genre: ✎♡♤♔♧
  • status: writing
  • eta: march 2021

the frog prince (jeon jungkook)

  • type: fairytale au
  • genre: ✎♡✰♤♔♧
  • status: planning
  • eta: april 2021

neverland (jung hoseok)

  • type: fairytale au
  • genre: ✎♡♤♔♧
  • status: planning
  • eta: may 2021

you've been asked about "@ god why" but what's the premise behind "The Devil Went Down On Georgia" because i just read that title aloud to my roommate (both of us having lived in georgia for at least the last ten years) and they laughed their ass off

pannyexpress also said: Ok but am I the only one curious about 'the devil went down on georgia' ???

Judging by the comments, no, no you are not.

The Devil Went Down On Georgia is actually a sequel idea for the contemporary Scottish RomCom I am writing called The Devil’s Sporran, also inspired by a tumblr post where the Romance genre was summed up as “shirtless Satan in a kilt” and I went off on a mad tangent and basically brain stormed an entire novel in the span of three reblogs. The basic summary and following excerpt goes as follows:

I’m thinking a modern setting. Young woman is the maid of honor to her bff’s wedding to be held in Scotland where both her and her beau are from, and as the maid of honor she gets introduced to all kinds of quaint traditions she’s never before encountered. Like trying to find a real silver sixpence, taking the bride out around the town on her Taking Out, the whole kerfuffle with trying to find matching dresses for three vastly different shaped women, and realizing at the last minute she’s expected to pick out a tea set for the bride despite being a coffee drinker her whole life, and what the fuck is the difference between Wedgwood and Denby.
And then there’s the groom’s best man…she feels someone should have warned her about him.
“What are you doing in here?” she demanded, scrabbling to cover herself with the ugly tartan shawl even though she was fully dressed.
“I was next door,” Donnie informed her, eyes darting over the length of her, “looking at scabbards. Are you all right? You sounded upset.”
“I’m fine!” but even to her own ears it sounded panicked and shrill. Her shoulders slumped, defeated. “I can’t get out of this stupid dress. There’s too many buttons and the assistant has run off.”
Donnie chuckled easily, the sound curling straight down to Kate’s bare toes hidden under the length of her skirt. It was offensive how charming this particular Scotsman could be, especially given how effortless he made it seem. She was almost certain she’d have hated it in anyone else.
“She’s helping a bride, I heard crying so you’re on you’re own. Let me?”
The question was so unexpected and softly spoken it threw her off guard, and Kate found herself compelled to turn as he stepped further into the changing room, pulling the curtain closed behind him. She’d half expected to be manhandled by rough hands, surprised when he began freeing her from the confines of the bodice with the utmost gentleness.
“There now,” Donnie intoned soothingly, as the dress began to slip away from her shoulders. “All better.”
“Thank you,” Kate murmured, the ghost of his fingertips still hot against her spine.
“You look lovely, by the way, very” he smiled tightly, catching her eye in the mirror, “honorable.
Kate snorted, and moved to hold the bodice in place against her chest, aware that a good portion of her naked back was now exposed to him. “I’m supposed to look like the bride. Some tradition about keeping the Devil away.”
“Hmm,“ Donnie hummed, the silk of her skirt trailing through his fingers as he leant in, smile broadening into a roguish grin. “Tell me, do you think it’s working?”

You can find the full conversation here:  [link]

It also already has artwork created by @songofsunset which is the background to my laptop where that manuscript currently resides:

The Devil Went Down On Georgia is so far, purely in the speculative phase, but that doesn’t stop me from writing down scenes that come into my head at random, hence the folder :D

works in progress

here is a list of the things i am currently working on!

*dates are subject to change


seokjin master chef au

status: in conception

➾ untitled drabble

seokjin (part of breeding series)

(request from anon)

➾ untitled drabble

namjoon (part of breeding series)

(request from anon)

latest updates


updated. January 16, 2021.

[ key. ❃ ⇾ fluff; ☁ ⇾ angst; ☆ ⇾ smut ]

☾ most recent works.  

❃ ⇾ taehyung x reader/oc: “Want me to kiss it better?” (flashback to how they met) [♡]

❃ ⇾ New Year’s drabbles (ot7) [♡]

☁ ⇾ taehyung x reader/oc; jimin x platonic reader/oc: "It’s everything to lose.” [♡]

☁ ⇾ jimin x reader/oc: “I’m already lost without him.” [♡]

☾ upcoming. 

❃ ⇾ seokjin x reader/oc (feat. jungkook and taehyung): No title yet. Who raised Kookie? Seokjin swears it was him, Peaches swears it was her, and Poopsie/reader disagrees with both of them. [to be posted January 23, 2021] [♡]