#work from home tips


Zoom tips and tricks for online meetings - for a better experience

Since most people are using zoom as a online meeting tool, here are some zoom tips and tricks that will help you in having a better experience while conducting your online meeting👉 By default mute your audio and video while entering into a meeting room👉 Create your branding in zoom virtual background👉 Share screen and annotations👉 Shortcut to mute all participants👉 Breakout rooms👉 Securing your meeting


👉 Surviving the Lock Down - 6 Simple Hacks

We're living a lock down life now a days which was not only unexpected but also totally new to all of us. As the saying goes, life teaches us and we're slowly adjusting to lock down life social distancing. Here is what I've learned, My 6 simple hacks for surviving the lock down life👉 Take care of your health👉 Dress up sometimes👉 Frequently Change Work Space👉 Read Some Books👉 Extra Curricular Activities / Household Jobs👉 Don't let the internet traffic overwhelm you