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How would you describe your charisma? Were you just born with it, did you have to work at developing it, etc.

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  • When did you first figure out you were charismatic/a leader? How would you describe your charisma (did people naturally gravitate to you without you trying to do so, did people naturally listen to what you told them, were you always one of the popular kids, etc.)?

I would describe my charisma and I would credit my leadership ability to 3 main qualities:

  • Calm confidence - powered by courage and mastery
  • Unyielding willpower - powered by discipline and resilience 
  • Infinite optimism - powered by hope and possibility 

Of these 3, infinite optimism is the most important quality I have. I’m above average intelligent but I’m no genius, I’m above average fit but I’m no physical paragon, and I’m above average handsome but I’m no Daniel Henney. However, I do have a strong and indomitable spirit that has served me well in life, carried me through poverty, abuse, cancer, and other obstacles, and propelled me far in life to where I am today. 

My optimism allows me to see potential wherever I go but also a path forward even in the absolute worst situations. People follow me because I have the ability to inspire hope in them and this is crucial because hope sparks inspiration which ignites into action which ultimately leads to change. It’s the main reason why people have always naturally gravitated towards me and why I keep naturally assuming leadership positions everywhere I go in life: I don’t just talk to the talk, I also walk the walk. I can win over minds by sparking hope, bring out the best in people through mentoring and growth, direct groups of people with planning and organization, and lead teams to win.

As with all things in life, some people are born with certain talents that come naturally easier to them than to others, but these traits aren’t fixed and they can be developed, trained, and mastered over time with enough focus, energy, and repetition. If life were a MMO RPG video game, everyone would have a different number of attribute points allocated into different skills at the start, but they can always level up over time. Some skills are naturally easier to me such as solutioning, executing, and communicating which I had to work less to develop. Other skills are more naturally difficult like flexibility, improvisation, and patience which I had to work more to develop.

My advice is to build on your strengths. Whatever you’re naturally good at, build on it to carry you far in life. Whatever you’re naturally bad at, improve just enough so it doesn’t hinder your success in the long run. For example, if you’re amazing at art and you love it but you’re awful at athletics, then nurture your artistic talent, but exercise enough to ensure you’re physically healthy. If you’re amazing at logic but you’re awful at people skills, then nurture your logical skills, but learn enough people skills so that you can communicate and collaborate with others. Build on your natural strengths and utilize your gifts to maximize your potential. 


Known as ”himmah” in arabic. The inner flame of willpower to actually discipline yourself to do the daily spiritual practices that a master teacher gives you. The inner flame of willpower to actually live out the teachings in real life. Not just quoting spiritual saints, but physically practicing their teachings.

The sufi word for disciple actually means ”someone who has willpower”.

Most people are not yet ready to become disciples but instead are in the process of finding themselves and going through spiritual awakening.


● Desire For The Infinite

There are many different ways to bring people to the Heavens. These paths must correspond to the abilities and characteristics of the people. We use methods that correspond to the respective understanding of the people and their beliefs. These are based on their individual willpower. The decisive factor for those who want to achieve something is willpower. That is why we first look at what stage someone is so that we can lead them from their starting point more quickly or less quickly to their heavenly station.

For this reason, we ask seekers if they are ready to undergo a program that will lead them to their heavenly stations. The seeker himself has to muster the willpower required for this, then the master of the path can give him something according to his level. To some people he does not give anything at first, because first certain characteristics have to be changed inside them so that they are free to ascend. Sufi masters must have the spiritual powers that enable them to assess the possibilities and abilities of a person when they look at him in order not to give him more than he can carry, because if someone is burdened too much, it can happen that he is going astray.

Our level is the seeker level, not even the beginner level. We need to prepare and try to get our egos not to resist what we want to achieve. The biggest obstacle on the way for everyone is their ego. It does not want you to strive for the heavens because it has grown together with the lowest levels. The ego knows that if you leave it behind, it will be left behind forever and will no longer be able to control you. So this is a battle between our ego and our soul and so we try to outsmart our egos so that they no longer resist our desire to go to Heaven.

~ Sultan Ul Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al Haqqani QaddassAllahu Sirrahu

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The Chariot for the Xenomorph Tarot.

The hardest part of this design was figuring out how to make the chariot itself look like something other than a square box with awkward rectangles attached to either side as wheels. In the Rider-Waite deck two black and white sphinx sit side by side where the horses traditionally would go. I tried giving the aliens zebras stripes but soon gave up as they looked more like scribbles and less like cosmic nightmares. The UFO made me happy, though, not enough decks have them and that’s a shame.

imagine that Loki meets you, someone who has suffered due to the malicious intent of the people around you and your enemies. Having spent time with you, he knows how strong you are, that you could easily have made these people regret it with your intelligence, wit and power. But you were one of the, if not THE, calmest and at peace person he’d known. 

One day, the two of you were relaxing in the greenhouse reading, when Loki decides to ask you why you never took revenge on those people. 

Looking at him, you smile and answer him, “It’s fine to seek justice, but revenge is not satisfying. Living my life to the best I can is enough, everyone will get what they deserve in the end. I only care about the people I love, and who love me, Loki.”

And Loki realised, that it took much greater courage and willpower to let go, rather than keeping grudges. From that day forth, he decided he’d try. To let go, and to live as best he could.