I know 2020 has been absolute trash but it kinda feels like the wlw won this year ngl 😂 wayhaught is engaged, villaneve kissed, lexa came back, epic damie love story, sarah paulson and cynthia nixon as lovers, two wlw christmas movies, and a period film starring kate winslet and saoirse ronan as lovers? we just keep winning

I want to know more about Eve.

I want to know if she was late for class or if she was always the one with all the answers; I want to know if she was lonely and lost and troubled so she covered it up with quirky hobbies; I want to know exactly when her hobby turned into a professional interest and the first time reading about female serial killers sparked something within her; I want to know if she bought her clothes new or if they were always hand-me-down and she just slipped on her messy, frumpy style like a second skin; I want to know who she dated and how and if she started smoking to impress the girl that first gave her butterflies or to drive away the boy that just wouldn’t leave her alone: I want to know her favourite food and if she threw herself into studies and later work to escape being always cast as the other; I want to know if she liked the rain and the views and the rushing sounds of gritty London; I want to know if crossing the Atlantic made her miss Connecticut or if she didn’t even give it a second glance ever again

because I think about Eve all the time. I think about what she’s wearing, and what she’s doing, and who she’s doing it with. I think about the friends she has, now that all of them are dead. I think about what she eats before she goes to work, and what shampoo she has for her splendid curls, and what happened in her family. I think about her eyes and her mouth in relation to Oksana’s, and what she feels when they kill someone, I think about what they have for breakfast–

I just...want to know everything.