Honestly, I have no clue what to write, as I’ve never posted anything on here. Anyways... I thought I would introduce myself (this probably won’t even get any attention though, lol).

I’m Kai, I luv the following things listed below:


PTV, SWS, MCR, P!ATD, TØP, Hawthorne Heights, Silverstein, Descendents, Modern Baseball, AJJ, Chiodos, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, & The Neighbourhood (there are so many more bands that I’m too lazy to list though, lmfao).


Ouran High School Host Club, Hannibal, I Am Not Okay With This, Hunter x Hunter, Sex Education, Disenchantment, & Gravity Falls.

I’m open to looking into any new shows or bands though!! Also, I love Vic Fuentes very much, so just consider this a fanpage LOL.

Also (last thing I promise!), I’m transmasc & bi! This is a safe space 4 all <3

You're my favorite explosion.

(You know the only real way to cure pain is to add a little more,

because everything new distracts the old.)

A violin with no hands plays symphonies with no words.

A drowning boy with no voice prays someone up there's telling me,

You'd better not get back up!

I spit my heart into this red cup.

I'd better pick it back up, it might ruin your night.