Having been friends with (and engaged to) veterans let me just say that it is criminal that America, as a country, does not provide free, high-quality mental health care to them. Yes, joining the military is stupid & everyone should have free, high-quality mental health care - but that doesn't excuse our social response of throwing the people we deliberately messed up aside like trash. These people are desperate for love and affection and belonging, but the military has destroyed any chance they have for prosocial behavior unless someone has the time and energy to gently and carefully reintroduce them to being human. I show an ounce of cheerful friendliness and communal feeling and I've got 3 phone numbers. Horrid.

for the love of all that is holy, PLEASE find a way to celebrate things that don't involve fireworks.

fireworks torture dogs. literal torture, i'm in no way being figurative. it is cruel. some dogs are fine, but they are the exception and not the rule. fireworks torture dogs. my dog is shaking and wild-eyed. she can't eat. she can't go to the bathroom. she won't even move. my heart is breaking because there is nothing i can do to stop her suffering. i'm a dog trainer, i have gotten four calls and seven texts from clients asking me how they can take care of their dogs. sometimes there are solutions to ease the fear, get them through the night. some dogs, like my dog, cannot be eased, even with medication. there is nothing i can do.


fireworks also torture veterans. i don't personally know any veterans at all, so i can't speak on their experiences, but i do know what severe cPTSD feels like and believe the fuck out of me, it is the kind of fear that destroys. it feels like something worse than death is chasing you, and it's catching up real quick. nightmares are cozy comparatively. i don't have a descriptor strong enough to encompass the feelings.

if you didn't know this, that's okay. nobody is born knowing everything, it's not your fault. you didn't know, but you do now. please stop setting fireworks off for every holiday.

if you, like the disgusting men down the street from my house, did know this, and you did it anyway, fuck you. truly. you're fucking vile. i hope horrible things happen to you. i mean that from the bottom of my heart. FUCK. YOU.