Rosanna Pansino will be starring as a animated Character on the kids’ created content Television Show Pocket.Watch!

“Rosanna Pansino Magic Food Truck” is an Animated series starring YouTube food vlogger Rosanna Pansino and her cooking-utensil friends flying around the world in her Magic Baking Truck, serving up help and learning about local food. (described it as “The Magic School Bus” meets “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”)

The final release date is not yet announced!

Minho on Problem Child in the House Cut 1

Song Euni: I heard the choreography this time is on the hardest level? 

Minho: It’s the hardest among the hard one 

Yongman: The other ones are hard as well too though 

Minho: Now the members’ front number in their age has changed except Taemin so we thought when will we get to dance this hard like this again? We thought this is our last chance 

Yongman: Thinking this is your youngest age...

Minho: Yes. The choreography is really overwhelming that everyone is tired right now.


This interview always makes me smile.

“I’m often times relieved to hear from people that there is a level of malleability on set, where, if an actor has a thought or a feeling or a line suggestion that there are changes.
Because I think to look at some of these shows and just think like “well, he sat down at his desk and that’s what came out’, it’s like, well, I should just pack up and go home.
So it’s reassuring to know...”

-Dan Levy to Kieran Culkin, Variety, Actors on Actors, July 2020


And I love the reminder that what we see on TV (or social media, or pretty much anything) is probably not the first draft, and was made better with the input of multiple people.