I should definitely write updates more often... The winter semester is slowly coming to an end, so it's a good time to look back and reflect on the past 4 months. I started learning Norwegian in the middle of the summer (according to Duolingo - 184 days ago) and since then I made enormous progress! This month I'm doing the New Year Language Challenge, in December I was writing 10 setences every day (well, it wasn't regular but I tried) and a couple of days ago I found a language partner. I'm learning much more, but it's not boring - every minute spend with dictionary helps to achieve clearly defined goal - to communitace/to do an interesting excersise.

Because I spend too much in front of computer, I didn't do much in UX lately. But the end of last year was very intensive, so I'm thinking of it as a break until I start again (in February). I'm ready to learn how to do prototypes and maybe I'll switch from Adobe XD to something more advanced. I also read a book "The Design of Everyday Things", which I really recommned to anyone interested in design.

University... It's okay, I guess. I'm doing my best and even was praised yesterday because of my dedication to writing my master thesis.

My piano skills also are better but I'm not as consistent in practicing everyday as I want to be... I should push myself a little more. Today I started to drink yerba mate. I struggle with morning headaches and lack of energy (doctors are laughing at me and say that "everyone is tired" + my blood tests were fine so don't worry about me) so maybe it will be a soluction. I don't drink coffee because it tastes awful - yerba is way better!