There’s one thing I’ve noticed about a majority of people who watch(ed) x files and it’s to do with the trust no one line. They think it Mulder’s thing and it isn’t. The first time ‘trust no one’ is ever uttered as a line in itself is when Deep Throat says it to Scully. It’s Scully’s thing. Scully is the one who routinely holds up to this. Mulder’s out there listening to any that says his key words to him but Scully’s the one who doesn’t trust anyone she doesn’t know. Trust no one belongs to Scully ok

Anonymous asked:

hmm top 5 things you love about lance

u underestimate my love for him if u think i can only list 5 :/

- he always puts others before himself

- he’s so understanding and empathetic and i love how it’s canon that everyone feels comfortable talking to him about their feelings 

- he’s so adorable when he’s being a jokester/ acting suave 

- i love the fact that he becomes incredibly serious when he’s lining up his shots, and that he’s so precise when firing them. KING of sharpshooting

- he has a set of such weirdly specific talents, like milking cows or knitting or basically being able to adapt to any situation without many complications/ needing the whole picture

- he’s so energetic and full of life and it’s incredible how expressive he is! the leg bounce, the arm flapping, etc. is so relatable coming from someone with adhd

- he has so much love inside of him – not just for his family or friends. for the beach, the ocean, strangers/aliens he’s only just met, etc. he’s a social butterfly and a ball of high-powered energy just bursting with affection

taeil: i'm gonna mix a can of red bull with seventeen shots of expresso in a fishbowl and then chug it while kids by mgmt plays in the background so i can percieve 23 spatial dimenstions and fight my own soul.
jaehyo: h
jaehyo: how do you always end up to be the responsible one in the group? you're a disaster!
also jaehyo: *doesn't stop him because he's curious*