A quick run-down of famous evil corporations from movies and TV: Weyland-Yutani: “We want to capture and breed this incredibly dangerous alien species and use them as weapons, and literally every single person involved in this project is considered expendable.” Tyrell Corporation: “We’ve created a robotic slave-race that may or may not have sentience of their own, but have also made them so short-lived that it’s impossible for them to ever truly know anything other than an existence of servitude and objectification.”

Umbrella Corporation: “We’re going to destroy the world with zombies and other biological horrors because, ummmm, profits!”

LexCorp: “We’ve become so ubiquitous in every aspect of modern technology, from defense to AI to simple home appliances, that everyone is willing to turn a blind eye to the fact that we’re run by a megalomaniac.”

Cyberdine Systems: “Even though we have irrefutable evidence from the future that our meddling in artificial intelligence will one day doom humanity to a nuclear holocaust, our hubris and curiosity compel us to push towards our destructive end.”

InGen: “We are really.....really bad at making theme parks, you guys.”