what’s your favorite headcanon of jaydick? <3


Okay. So.

Dick's known for his harem of morally ambiguous older men, right? Generally, in fanon he tends to fall for, or at least appreciate, all the hot antiheroes. And Red Hood definitely fits the hot antihero bill (and since he's got a helmet, he could conceivably be older too, if Dick doesn't know who he is).

I love identity porn. I love it so much. Which is why one of my favorite headcanons is Dick having a bit of a crush on Red Hood before finding out it's Jason. It's so perfect because you get Dick with his appreciation of anyone who can give him a real challenge in a fight and his ability to charm the less upstanding hero types. I don't see him falling for RH, but I do like the idea of him looking a little too long at those thighs...

The best part about this for me is how it sets in motion the events needed for them to get together. I established in this post that I don't see Jason making a move on Dick, at least not without specific circumstances allowing for it. I like the idea of him, in general, just resigning himself to his crush. But if Dick has been subtly (or not so subtly) checking RH out only to find out it's Jason? Well that's the perfect fodder for a crisis.

Honestly, it doesn't even have to lead to a crisis. I like them taking a while to get together. But the main idea is that Dick is interested before he finds out who RH actually is. I really love this headcanon for all the different ways it can go, but one of my favorite fics that deals with it really well is As You Wish by Luna_Hart, if anyone is looking for a rec :D

Thank you crow❤️

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What's your favorite JayDick headcanon? :)


Very good question Ico, I have lots ;)

My favorite headcanon, when put simply, is Robin!Jason's massive crush on Discowing Dick (I know, I know, is it really a headcanon when it's basically canon already?). But even more than that, I love all the implications it brings.

First off, you get a Jason who's been in love with Dick since he was a kid, who's been pining for years and has probably since given up. I'm a huge fan of Jason just resigning himself to the fact that he'll never be fully over Dick, but he never makes a move either because he assumes it'll never work out. This means that a relationship will take a lot of work since Jason isn't going to go after it in any respect for fear of humiliating himself, but the payoff is fantastic 🙌🏻

And then from Dick's perspective, he's not expecting to fall for Jason, but he does, and then the knowledge that Jason has loved him since he was fifteen?? He's sold.

Honestly I really just love childhood friends to lovers, and I really like the way that fits with Jason's one-sided crush. Thanks for the ask!

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Rant about RR Jaydick? 💕 for the ship ask


Oh goodness I could talk about this for ages!

I love reverse robins so much because of the way the personalities of the characters (and also the dynamics between them) get flipped on their head. I adore baby of the family Dick and am of the opinion that RR Dick is actually more similar to the fanon version of Dick, seeing as he would be more light-hearted without all that responsibility being placed on him at such an early age. He has older siblings (catch me crying about older brother Dami) to help him along the way, and while I still think he'd grow to develop the same leadership qualities we see in him in canon, he wouldn't be as severely weighed down by them.

Another thing I love is Jason's story in an age reversal, because you could have him die still, or you could give that to Tim. (Although I think that if Tim died he wouldn't come back as the Red Hood.) But if Jason died, how would that change his canon storyline? He's now the third "Robin" instead of the second. Was he closer to Tim or Damian than he was to Dick in canon? Does that affect how he died or what he did when he came back? And if Tim was the one to die, how does that change the course of Jason's life? I like to think he's still a little more morally ambiguous, but maybe not. Maybe he and Bruce get along really well.

And since this is technically a JayDick ask, my favorite part about their relationship in RR is having Dick be the one with a teenage crush on Jason, not the other way around. He'd hero worship the hell out of Jason, and maybe it wouldn't become a crush until later, but he'd fall for Jason a lot sooner and a lot easier than I think he would in a canon universe. Without as much baggage weighing them down, I think they'd be able to get together without quite as much trouble especially if everyone but Jason already knows about Dick's obvious crush. And once Dick is older, I don't think it would be hard to convince Jason to date him...

Ugh, I have so many feelings about this au, thanks for asking about it Emily💜

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For your ship ask game, lovely: what’s a meme/quote that reminds you of jaydick?


Why hello Q 💜

To be honest I'm not one to associate songs/poems/quotes with certain ships or characters. So I spent some time thinking about this and looking through quotes I had saved and eventually came up with this lovely Agatha Christie quote I've always liked: "It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them."

I do like the idea of Jason coming to realize the depth of his feelings for Dick upon seeing him do something incredibly stupid. I just think it's a very adorable idea lol.

And I know you didn't ask for a poem, but since a whole poem is technically a really long quote, I love the poem "Bluebird" by Charles Bukowski. Ever since I read it in this fic by dreamrecurrentdreams, I've associated it with JayDick.

Also, as a bonus, the best meme for JayDick in my opinion is this one.

They're both too overprotective for their own good 😂

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what is your absolute favorite ship? And explain why do/don’t ship jaydick? :D


Are we pretending no one knows my favorite ship is JayDick? Okay so, excluding JayDick, my favorite ship is JonDami, and then if we're not going DC I also really like Arthur/Eames from the movie Inception. (And just for fun, Jily from HP was probably the first ship I actively shipped and read fanfic for, so I have a soft spot for them.)

Now since I think we've established that I do, in fact, ship JayDick, here's why: first off, to get this out of the way, I think they just look good together. The red and blue is a nice contrast and I like the differences in their costumes too, with Dick's being more sleek and Jason's being more bulky. (This also lends well to Dick borrowing Jason's jacket imo...) I like both of the characters too, which is obviously important and why certain ships just don't click for me. I have to love both characters to ship something.

But I also think the characters fit well together for many reasons, provided you get character development on both ends. Jason has a bit of an inferiority complex, and I love the concept of him falling for the golden boy, the one he'll always be second best to. It's predictable and it's dumb, because Jason's better than that, right? He doesn't like Dick. At all. What do you mean he's developing feelings? (But of course, Jason has always looked up to and, in my personal opinion, had a crush on Dick. He just likes to ignore it.)

And then there's Dick, who wants nothing more than to be family with Jason because he feels like he messed it up the first time around. There's a lot of guilt involved when it comes to Jason. As much as Jason has hurt Dick in the past, Dick has hurt him as well, and they've never had the type of relationship that Dick thinks they should have.

Honestly what it boils down to for me is childhood friends to lovers with a lot of complications. The age difference meant that their relationship as kids could never really develop into a strong friendship, but they have that history there when they connect again as adults. It both helps and hurts, and as much as I love short, fluffy get together fics, realistically it would take a lot for them to even realize their feelings and then even more for them to confess.

There's just so much potential in this ship and it already has some of my favorite tropes in canon. Thanks for asking Watcher!

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How did you start shipping JayDick uwu


Oooooh very good question, thank you whippy!

So I started DC firmly in the gen side of the fandom. I hadn't read as many comics as I have now, and I absolutely saw the Batfam as a family. Now, I was aware people shipped the batkids, but I honestly hadn't considered any other pairings besides JayDick and just assumed they were the main one for whatever reason. Then I saw a JayTim art one day and just remember stopping and being like "wait is that Dick or Tim?" because I didn't realize JayTim was even a thing.

So by that point I didn't exactly ship JayDick, but I could see why people would. And then I saw art by inkydandy that wasn't even shippy, but Jason and Dick were next to each other and something just clicked I guess ;)

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heyy how are you? soo i saw the asian drama asks thingy and i now im gonna ask lol (to be honest im new at the kdrama world so im curious)... 8,13,24,28,54 - wow thats a lot but if you want to answer just one is fine as well :)) thankss


Hiii omg thank you so much for asking these bcs I legit thought no one’s gonna ask me the questions from the drama ask? I feel so happy rn loll

8: First drama you considered your favorite?

Goblin, and it still is my favorite until now

13: Top five K-Dramas?

In order: Goblin, Fight For My Way, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon & Touch Your Heart

24: Jisoo or Nam Joo Hyuk?

I feel so bad for my sadboy Jisoo but I love Nam Joo Hyuk so much especially after Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, so I’ll choose NJH :)

28: Favorite K-Drama friendship?

Oooh when it comes to the best squads and friendships, kdrama has a lot of those, my favorites are: mido and falasol from Hospital Playlist (for me they are like the best!! freaking!! friendship!! in kdrama land, they don’t have as much funny moments as other kdramas do but they are literally so solid, I mean like, staying as friends for 20+ years? I could neverrrr), soldiers squad from CLOY, swag trio from WFKBJ, and fantastic four from FFMW (BONUS: hwarang squad from hwarang -Best irl kdrama friendship I’ve seen (especially PSJ, PHS, and V ^^))

54: Recommend 3 fluffy AF dramas

For me it’s gonna be: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Touch Your Heart, Shopping King Louis. These are 3 kdramas that you can watch when you’re feeling down, as they don’t have much conflict going on especially between the main leads. Just super duper adorable couples everywhere ^^ (I would also say Strong Woman Do Bong Soon cause the main couple is literally the definition of cute, but I wouldn’t say it’s as fluffy as the ones I mentioned above because there is this whole serial killer plot going on the whole series, but if we’re only going to talk about the cutest, fluffiest kdrama couple then I’d say it’s them lol)

That’s all from me, once again thanks for asking! :DD

Yaknow I’ve been thinking about the Sirin and HoS parallels for days, I would be really excited it that’s. brought up. Because like— if you consider K-423 to be an amnesiac Sirin she did exactly what Dark Fu is trying to do!

Sirin landed in a new empty body and “became” Kiana, the child she dreamed to be during the 2nd Eruption, no thanks to Siegfried’s A+ parenting (I like him but good job being unable to accept you have obtained A Different Individual Who Is Your Daughter and fucking things up for her by conflating her with OG Kiana... I dont rly blame him, he was in a tough place, but he fucked up.)

And Dark Fu is trying to become Fu Hua, for the same reason even— she wants love and validation, it’s stated black on white in the QnA. She’s doing this for lack of identity of her own. Would K-423 have been happy as Sirin Kaslana? Well... yeah. She didn’t care what the name was, only that she got one and that her father loved her, but that’s the cards she was handed. Her dad only managed to love her when she became Kiana Kaslana enough.

Of course K-423 did NOT know about Kiana. She had no idea she was replacing someone. It’s not her fault, it’s the fault of the adults around her at the time... but it’s still what she’s been doing.

Here Dark Fu tried the same thing. She originally doesn’t know she’s replacing Fu Hua; she has good reason to believe she’s the original, everyone treats her as such, the Will of the Honkai itself is implied to be tricking her, etc. The difference is that she is soon directly confronted about the lie.

It’s kinda like if the OG Kiana showed up and told K-423 “You stole my name and my life, I’m the original.”

And then Dark Fu lets K-423 choose. Who’s the real one? The “original”, or the one who is physically playing the role? (She be seeking validation and love from a “friend” but Tuna has had enough. Oof.)

The game is very clear in this case that Dark Fu taking Fu Hua’s identity is wrong. K-423 herself explains to her that she’s not the Fu Hua she knows, and no matter how much better she might or might not be, what’s important is it’s not her, so she can never replace her.

I want her to eat those words later. Because that’s exactly what’s she’s been doing, only for much longer. (Though to be fair, her existence does not directly threaten Kiana’s like Dark Fu’s does, since they have separate bodies. Otto this would be a good time to grow another clone.)

There’s been a lot of themes of dual personalities in hi3 so far, but most of these are the same person with a fission, so the solution is to bring them together... what do you do when you have two distinct people trying to fit the same box instead? Dark Fu already tried fusing with Fu Hua; she can’t do it. This time, integration may not be the answer...

I don’t know how they’re going to handle this situation but I sincerely hope nobody dies ;w;


Hmm I agree very much with the parallel. between dark fu (I call her 8th) and K423.

Tho personally I think K423 as a half of Sirin soul from 2e. So when Sirin make her wish, her soul got separated where half of it wake up and become K423 and other half (that is filled with hatred and vengeance) slumber deep inside. K423 experience such a different live that her soul shapen into its own kind, but still have similarities to HoV soul. So they are kinda like 2 sides of the same coin

And the problem of why Siegfried give K423 Kiana name. I think that Sieg (perhaps unconsciously) want K423 to be his og daughter. Firstly because He is not in the best mental state and second because he thinks he will never have his og daughter back (so why not just give this child I got, my og daughter name right).

I have also discussed this to my friends and their personal opinions is that A) Sieg thinks that K423 deserve her "birth name" and that his og daughter is death B) "I'd say it's a combination of factor between he being shitty father, always drunk, and perhaps that he's bad at naming thing." -quotes taken directly from them.

Also at the time of naming Sieg only knows that K423 is his daughter clone physically, he doesn't know that otto mix and match K423 DNA. So even if he give diff name, it won't be Sirin.

The part where you say " I want her to eat those words later because that's exactly what she's been doing " Can you elaborate? I don't understand who you mean and why