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hey guys my dad lost his job yesterday. he was the only one working in a family of 4 with two small children (9 and 4). my mom’s disabled and can’t work. they do not have any savings as they were living paycheck to paycheck. as it stands now they have one more paycheck coming and they’re unsure when he’ll be able to get a new job.

i do not live with them anymore but my family is everything to me so if there’s anything you can spare at all, it genuinely helps. if you’ve seen my other donation post going around and came to my blog from that, please reblog this post and donate for this instead. my family needs it much more.

i will list my c.ashapp and p.aypal and send all funds to them.

c*shapp: $slimeblocks

as a trans/nonbinary black person, i was a transmed once and let me just say. that ideology is harmful as fuck. not only is transmedicalism rooted in white supremacy and a colonialist and binary view of gender, it throws any trans person who disagrees with the ideology under the bus and marks them as "fake trans". it was a long and painful journey discovering i was trans because i truly had transmed beliefs rooted in me.

im not going to brush it off as a "cringy phase" because it's not just that. a "cringy phase" would be something harmless like a theatre kid phase. my transmed "phase" caused myself and other trans people harm as i spread their bullshit ideology all over my blog.

majority of the transmeds i have encountered are white and racist, to no one's surprise. they harass, tease and mock trans people who don't conform to their standards (especially trans people of color). most of them align (or are straight up) with the r*ght. they're bootlickers in every sense of the word. throwing other trans people, especially trans poc, under the bus attempt to get the approval of (other white) cis people.

no amount of apologies and "ive grown" statements can change the fact that for a time in my life, i truly fed into these harmful beliefs, and i turned my back on other trans people of color.

in summary? being a transmed in the past is a lot more than a "silly cringe phase". it harms people, and it's nothing but colonialist and binary bullshit. if you were smart enough to stop being a transmed like me, please acknowledge the harm you caused. because i can assure you, all ex-transmeds caused harm and spread racist crap when they were so.