Anonymous asked:

an unmagic artifact. you heard that right. its a piece of fabric i ripped off the back of a demon hunters jacket and it makes magic artifacts and spells retreat away from it like one of those miniature magnets

Hmm... i wonder if I could replicate that? If I used it as a storage material it wouldn't like, explode anything right? I'll have to experiment. In return a set of drinking glasses that are only ever half full of water, and always the left half.

🧹🎨✨  Closing out spring cleaning, inks and paints with old . . . maps!?  Mom drew these maps years and years ago, long before she met me.  But since Mom drew these, maybe they can show me where the Secret Radicchio Hoard is!  🗺🖍🧐🐢

Uh oh, are noms disappearing off the edge of the map?!

Mom, why doesn’t the map key include a symbol for noms?

All this green must be delicious!

I don't know if you collect this, but all my unfinished homework assignments. I really, really don't want them lying around. Don't leave them on anything that resembles a desk though; if you do, you'll feel constantly stressed about having to finish things.


We get a surprising amount of this sort of stuff actually. Maybe one day I'll figure out what I'm actually meant to do with it. In return a small ball of twine that when held and rolled in your hands will dissolve the feeling of urgency around anything you need to get done. It has its purpose of course but sometimes you just need the calm.

Anonymous asked:

A chef's knife - 8 inch santoku, 11 degree edge bevel, the blade made of knapped obsidian, which will reassemble itself into a microscopically near-perfect edge whenever damaged even slightly by abrasion from cutting, and from any sort of chipping as well. The handle is mundane, but has fallen off a couple of times. I'd refurbish it, but I figure you might want it intact. The knife roll is velvet padded and has coral and turquoise cabochons. I found it on the road. No information on it.

Oh wow that's wonderful craftsmanship thank you for bringing it here. I'm certainly curious about whoever put all this spellwork into a kitchen knife. Must have had a very important chef in their life. In return a copper pendulum, suprisingly resistant to any sort of weathering. It looks like the sort of thing that could be used for divination or something of the sort if you know what you're doing but it's most practical application is that it will draw out a line while swinging that remains visible as long as it hasn't been put back in it's pouch. Great for exploitation, or a quick visualization of something.