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Donation to the tooth fairy? I wonder if that’s what happened to my wisdom teeth? I awoke from surgery, and slurred, “My teeth! Show me my teeth!” I saw bloody teeth on a napkin, and then they took them away. They wouldn’t let me keep my teeth. ☹️

Yeah, that’s definitely what happened to them... Hope you’re healing up and taking it easy now.

I've been having to go to the dentist too and I have an emergency crown appointment next week, and possibly another one if they consider it "emergency" worthy too. I'm not afraid of the dentist but I'm afraid of choking and the smells and feelings/touches are *SO* bad. Sorry, I just wanted to vent for a minute since you said you were at the dentist too :/


Venting is fine! I had to have a tooth pulled after my root canal revealed I had a crack in the root of the tooth and it was not saveable. :( So I feel you on the ‘argh’ of the dentist. I hope you find relief soon!

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My dentist gave me the option of keeping my teeth and they’re sitting in a bag on my counter. My face is super numb and blood was pouring from my mouth, but for the most part it was short and painless! And congrats for the 10,000 milestone -TX anon

Ooh, so you denied the tooth fairy their offering... bold... unless you plan to offer them later... :P Glad to hear you’re doing well though.

I was in the ER this morning because of my tooth. They spent an hour fixing it after my dentist said 2 days ago and I quote: “When I’m done you shouldn’t feel pain anymore.” I sure didn’t feel pain when I woke up at 6AM wanting to scream hahahaha

And you know, I thought: 1. Surely those problems don't still exist in Mass Effect? No tooth ache or "dentist emergency" like we have here, right? 2. But if they do still exist and someone ends up with half of their mouth under anesthesia and they speak like their face is swollen, would... would the translators work? How hilarious would it be if it didn't? 3. I pictured everyone at lunch talking about their teeth and how they brush it. Fun time between a bunch of different aliens. For some reason in my mind it happens in ME2 but if it happens in ME3 we know who will have a lot to say:

4. And finally, you know that scene in Parks and Recreation when Ron Swanson pretends to extract his own tooth and everyone starts screaming and running, leaving only Tom who fainted? I picture Wrex doing the same thing during a crew meeting. I can’t stop laughing.