for all his crimes of ‘one-speaking-female-character-in-a-very-long-book,’ i honestly forgive tolkien his sexism.

bc Arien, his wild conception of the sun in his fun little world, drives me into that primordial state of boiling freedom for which all women are ultimately searching. like, he really upended the sun/moon, king/queen trope, and made Arien, the female-spirit, the Mighty One, made her the sun--the one who took that fire unafraid, and stayed steady on her path, so bright that whoever that moon-dude was (forget his name, who cares) drove himself off course, but So Bright he could never get close. tolkien was really like, “the sun is a woman, and the moon is an idiot,” and i Respect him for it.

i mean, a hardy, strong spirit, conceived in fire, who left her gardens, shed the raiment of a limiting world, scorched the most powerful darkness into hiding, eyes too bright and terrible to look upon, fearlessly sailing her vessel across the sky, pure and courageous flame????

blessings. grace. thanks be to fire.