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Parabéns são paulo fc 87 anos é uma grande honra faz a DTF Down To Fiesta Father’s Day Shirt parte da história desse clube feliz aniversário tricolor ️ ️. This is the one having mani from the stone roses at a recent training session has got us feeling pumped for the big games ahead. Beautiful tour last show tonight are you ready auckland céline xx brian purnell of mushroom creative house celinedionlive2018 Awesome DTF DTF Down To Fiesta Father’s Day Shirt

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DTF Down To Fiesta Father’s Day Shirt

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2 0 2 4 in the DTF Down To Fiesta Father’s Day Shirt ble comeback by us tonight we did not stop fighting we did not stop believing desiretowin forçabarça. Norway the absolute f ng best obsessed in love head over heels thank you god bless you until next time my babies ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ shout out to tidal for making it all happen. This friday see what happens when you push a good man too far the foreigner in theatres on friday Original DTF


1212.2020 JAW$ - ON ($IGHT) Shots go to @bettanoize1 he’s making me better #shouts #go #to @itskingpuppet #on #ice #onsight (at Los Angeles, California) https://www.instagram.com/p/CIHRxDtjSpa/?igshid=1wwy7oi6hfgwp

Anonymous asked:

Like. how dirty are you willing to go? (asking for a friend :P) but in case your limits extend to felching, could you write a fic where you go on birth control to surprise Kirby for his birthday so he can hit it raw for the first time & you take your daily pill while he's balls deep inside you. so he pulls out to pull off the condom & then. well, let's just say he puts your b.c. to the test, then licks it out of you & spits it into your mouth and kisses you while he slides back inside for round2

Limits? What are those? (P.s. I got this like a week ago and had to take a breather after reading it okay bye. Enjoy it you filthy animals.)


So, let’s paint a picture shall we?

You and Kirby have been dating for a long time. Since sophomore year of highschool when you were 16 and he took you ice skating for the first time. It was very cute and cliche; hockey boy teaches you to skate and holds your hand while skating backwards. But you know, that very cliche moment has lead you to now.

Now, the present day, making big girl moves by going on the good ole BC. Kirby does get tested regularly, as do you for any STD’s or STI’s. But being 20 and having a baby isn’t part of your masterful life plan. So birth control it is. There may be that one minor detail that is omitted to Kirby when you come back from the pharmacy and forget to tell him what you got.

Anyway, they play Vegas tonight. And if you’ve ever watched the Knights, they’re not an easy team to beat. You’re with all the girls in the stands, cheering your asses off as Kirby tucks his third goal of the night to seal the 5-2 victory over the VGK.

With Kirby getting the hatty, him being named the 1st star of the game, and riding the high of the win, you know he’s gonna be in a particular mood that has you clenching your thighs as you wait for your superstar to get done with the interviews. He is absolutely beaming with pride as he walks out and snatched you up in his arms.

“Not to bad out there, hot shot,” you pump his tires, smoothing your hand down his suit jacket. He smiles and blushes a little.

“Thank you,” he grins, already a fire in his eyes, “ready to get out of here?” You nod, saying goodbye to the girls on the way out as you two walk hand in hand to his car. He pushes you up against the car and kisses you deep, the chilly air drying the spit on your lips. It’s like he’s trying to swallow your tongue, pressing his body flush with yours.

“Can we at least wait till we get home? I have a present for you,” you explain and watch his eyes go dark. He opens the passenger door for you and let’s you in, jogging to the drivers side so he can speed demon home on the empty streets of Chicago.

He looks like a puppy about to get a bone for the first time. He is following you closely as you walk through your apartment to your bed room. You’re already wearing his jersey which is a turn on as it is, so he really doesn’t need any more incentive to rail you into the mattress. But he sits on the edge of the bed patiently while you go into the bathroom.

Your snot gone long, and to be honest, he was expecting you to come out in some sort of lingerie, but you’re wearing the exact same thing? Holding something in your hand?

He holds his out when you hold up yours and you drop the small package with the small white pills. He raises an eyebrow, completely clueless as to what in the hell you just placed in his hand.

“Uhh... what’s this?” He asks, making you laugh at his complete obliviousness.

“What do you think it is?” You sit next to him, crossing your legs and flipping your hair to one side of your head. He turns it over and just stares at it, then shrugs, making you laugh.

“It’s birth control, Kirb,” you tell him and he glances from you, back to the pills, back to you.

“Oh, I uh..l-“

“You’re clean and so am I so I figured, if you wanted to...”

He stares blankly for a few moments, mouth going dry, brain turning to mush.

“Fuck, Yn,” his voice drops, eyes darkening. You smile evily right before he’s tackling you to the bed. He kisses up and down your neck, ridding you both of your clothes. He makes a dramatic effort to reach for the box of condoms he knows are in your beside drawer, and literally launch them across the room, sending something crashing to the ground. You roll your eyes as he snickers, collecting your wetness on his fingers getting you nice and ready for him.

When you’re stretched and prepped, his name already dripping off your tongue, he presses the tip of his cock up to your center, teasing you. You’re already feeling the stretch from when he woke you up this morning.

“Ready, baby?” He confirms, pushing in once you give the go ahead. The warmth of your core has him tossing his head back, a guttural spundcoming from his chest.

Kirby has to take a second so he doesn’t but a nut right this second. You notice him trying to control himself, and you clench down hard on his shaft, making him gasp and tense up.

“Don’t do that,” he playfully scolds, smacking the side of your thigh. You giggle, doing it again just to make him mad, but then he snaps his hips forward, punching a gasp out of you quickly. He keeps the pace fast, pulling your hips to meet his. You’re able to feel how warm he is without the stupid rubber in the way. Feeling every ridge and curve, your eyes rolling back in your head as your orgasm quickly sneaks up on you.

“Fuck, Yn I’m gonna cum,” he breaths out, rutting his hips faster and faster. “Want it baby girl? Want me to come in your pussy?”

“Please Kirby,” you beg, “please I want it so bad, I want you to come in me.”

“My filthy girl.”

He plants his hands on the bed by your hips, using the leverage to hit deeper and deeper with every thrust. He goes ridged, a deep groan being ripped from his chest as he shoots off deep inside you. His hot cum sends shivers all down your spine, the feeling of being full making you feel a whole different level of satisfaction.

He picks up his head, eyes dopy and content. He braces his arms up and looks to where you’re connected. His finger traces where he dissapears in side you, your breath catching in your throat. He pulls out and the next thing you know is his tongue is licking inside you.

“Kirby Kirby Kirby,” you plead, “fucking hell.”

He hums against you, sending sparks to your core. The noises are obscene as he eats your cum filled pussy out. He comes back up and crawls over you, hand tight on your jaw as he crushes his mouth to yours. He tongues his cum into your mouth, letting the milky white fluid drip into your mouth.

You swallow it all, feeling absolutely disgusting as he admires his work, thumbing at the little drop that escaped, pushing it back into your mouth. You suck on his thumb, giving him your best doe eyes. His jaw clenched up and his eye darken more of thats even possible, pupils going as wide as the green of his iris’.

He doesn’t waste a second grabbing the backs of your thighs and pushing them up to your ears, driving him agian and again and again.