I got this headcanon that a prince of time character would be a cocky asshole version of early homestuck dave and he actually believes he's the biggest badass in universe and during his personal quest in sburb he would be leaving a trial of destruction in path. also i get the feeling that the parent/adult version of character would be something similar to bro but without all the psychological and mental abuse.


It’s potentially a thing! But also... *Looks at the resident Prince of Time and waits for them to add something to this conversation-*

Legend’s Theory of Possession

I have another fic! Thank you guys for five followers! If you’d rather I draw something then please feel free to ask! (Warning: I’m still working out how to Tumblr so if I don’t get your message it’s probably my fault, not yours!)

It was in Legend’s nature to be suspicious of everyone. So when, even after a couple of months of traveling with the other Links and his instincts still warned him about one in particular, Legend started to watch them. 

Four seemed like the other heroes superficially, with the sword and the need to protect and the spirit of courage, but Legend began to notice that they often talked to themself and their shadow would disappear, sometimes for days at a time. Ordinarily this would not be of too much concern, but Legend was experienced with magic and Four was displaying rather evident symptoms of possession, especially if one factored in the fact that their eyes changed color frequently. Normally, if someone was possessed their eyes would turn red or maybe yellow, and Four’s instead alternated between green, blue, purple, and brown, but the fact that their eyes changed color at all was cause for concern.