Back To Work?! :(


I've been off for 4 days and i feel it wasn't long enough! The good thing is that ; I felt today was Monday but it turns out it's Wednesday, so that's good.

Alright, so since Friday I did a little more Christmas shopping, ate out a few days (including chickfila), bought some books (and graphic novels) at this awesome used book store called BookOff, and went to a swapmeet. Oh i pumped gas and did do oil change in my car too. I also had to pay car insurance $100. I probably should've not ate out so much but oh well that's done, I try not to eat out so much.

I was tripping because of how little money i feel I have left over but IT'S WEDNESDAY! payday is tomorrow night, haha. Nothing to worry about. I mostly likely will pull out $30 to give my mom and make another $10 payment for my Resident Evil 2 preorder.

Hopefully you all had a Merry Christmas! Let me know what you're favorite gift you recieved and gave were! I gave my brother a "The Walking Dead"s Negan action figure that he absolutely hates Haha.

Checkings: $117.19

Savings: $385.04

Tip for people on a tight budget who own a car

Go through the drive-thrus of fast food restaurants late at night. I’m talking 1:00 a.m. late; just make sure that it still looks open (lights on, etc). If they ask for your order normally, say you've changed your mind about ordering and drive away. If they tell you they're closed, there's a chance that they will give you whatever food they had left over at the end of the day. They almost always have extras at closing and would simply throw it out otherwise. If they don't offer it, gently ask if they have any extras since you "came all this way"

Novel Announcement

So I will probably have to push my book publication/release date back quite a while. Finances are now extremely tight where they weren’t when I sent it to the editor, and now I cannot pay her for the edits. We have an arrangement to where I’ll pay it when I have he money and at that point she will send me the edited draft, but i really doubt I will have that before my desired release of December, as my new job doesn’t pay much and there’s no promise of a raise or promotion after my 90 day probation is up.

I’ve considered crowdfunding for it since it’s only like $300 but I’ve never done that before, i don’t know what rewards I’d give, and I’d feel shitty asking for money to publish in addition to asking for money when I sell it, since some people would be spending the book price in addition to whatever they donated and that doesn’t sit well with me.

Anyway, just wanted to let y’all know that you’ll have to wait a while longer. Thanks for all y’all a interest in it. I’ll keep you updated.