Astrology Observations Pt. 3

As usual, bear in mind that these observations are personal to me and may not apply to everyone. Sorry it took so long to get the third installment out.

💙 Moon in the 2nd house shows an emotional preoccupation with value and stability. The native may worry about financial security and take great relief in material possessions. Alternatively, they may struggle with their self-worth and crave internal and external validation.

💙 8th house placements are rarely satisfied. They crave deep and full understanding, something that superficial knowledge could never placate. For instance: 8H Sun natives may be extremely introspective, constantly examining their motives and desires.

💙 On the other hand, Venus in 8H may direct this energy outward and have an intense need to know every detail about the things and people they love. These natives may have an obsessive need for closeness and intimacy, whether they pace themselves or devour every bit of information as soon as it’s offered.

💙 Virgo Mars really embodies their mutable qualities (adaptable, adventurous, empathetic) in the bedroom. They frequently bring Virgo’s people-pleasing energy into sex, as well. While they’re comfortable in many positions, I’ve noticed that Virgo Mars often prefers to relinquish control to a trusted partner.

💙 Mercury in Pisces and Cancer have a tendency to use expressive and emotional language. When describing something, they may use a lot of imagery or talk about how that thing makes them feel. The Moon (ruler of Cancer) specializes in emotions and empathy. Neptune (ruler of Pisces) specializes in intuition and dreams. Thus, Mercury in these signs may relate what they know using how they feel.

💙 Scorpio Mercury won’t take anything at face value. Whether it’s something you say or do, a Scorpio Mercury will spend a lot of time considering the implications of your words or actions. They are naturally mistrustful and investigative, so you should always be earnest with them. They’re very skilled at catching others in a lie.

💙 Mars in Capricorn reflects someone with willpower and ambition beyond measure. These people frequently grind away at life and may even take pleasure in it. Their aggression is measured and calculated. I’ve found that they’re frequently afraid of failure and will do what’s necessary for success even if it means temporary misery.

💙 Taurus may not be prone to angry outbursts, but that doesn’t mean they’re slow to anger, per se. I’ve noticed that many Taurus placements hate having their time wasted. Once they’ve made a commitment, they’ll be there. If you’re not, they’ll assume you don’t take their time as seriously as your own.

💙 While water signs are known for being sentimental, I would say that fixed signs also fit that label. Fixed signs don’t move on as easily as their mutable or cardinal counterparts and, as such, may have a lasting affection for things or people associated with positive memories.

💙 Having a mutable sign over your 9th house may indicate a frequent desire for change. These natives may change their style, their friends, their hobbies, and more. The 9th house is the house of philosophy and travel, and controls our search for meaning. As such, a mutable sign here may lead someone to change frequently, never being satisfied with their surroundings for long.