Legolas: I made tea.
Gimli: I don’t want tea.
Legolas: I did not make tea for you. This is my tea.
Gimli: Then why are you telling me?
Legolas: It is a conversation starter.
Gimli: That’s a lousy conversation starter.
Legolas: Oh, is it? We are conversing. Checkmate.
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The Silent Ones

[Thranduil + Legolas; father/son relationship]

A.N: So, this is based off of my comments on THIS post! All yall said I needed to write up my idea, so indeed I did!

Request: none-ish?

Pairing: Legolas and Thranduil (father/son relationship)

Summary: After Thranduil is injured by dragon’s fire and stuck in unconsciousness, Legolas is left to rule Greenwood.

Word Count: 1,943

Warnings: angst, fluff

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Legolas slammed his palms against the closed, wooden doors of the Woodland Realm’s Healing Ward. Without waisting a second, he pushed them open and rushed through the archway in panic. He was still in his steel battle armor and loaded with various weapons—bow, arrows, knives, daggers, and sword. Minor scraps and bruises littered his form, along with harsh splashes of blood that was not his own. He looked like a beaten mess, which of course made sense considering he just returned from the battlefield with hundreds of other Greenwood guards.

As soon as he entered, he was met with the sight and sounds of a bustling infirmary. Spread across the room were many injuried elves. Some were grunting or hollering out in pain and others were silent—it was the silent ones that were the real concern. However, that was not the reason Legolas was there.

With frantic eyes, he pushed past various healers and soldiers—searching desperately.

Who'd have thunk that a K-drama about a Korean-Italian mafiosi would have a solid slab of Tolkien fan fiction? After Mr. Nam did a Gollum and called the guillotine file his precious, episode 15 makes sure no one misses the reference. First, there's the way Vincenzo eyes the file — it's very, very reminiscent of the way ring bearers gaze upon it in Peter Jackson's films — and then there's the revelation that Vincenzo slipped it into his pocket when he was supposed to have thrown it into the underground vault that would kept the file safely out of everyone's reach. He's basically replicating the actions of Isildur at Mount Doom (which makes Mr. Choi...Elrond...? That would certainly explain how that man can do pretty much anything and everything. Low-key loving Mr. Choi, especially after seeing his flying kicks in this episode).

"Only an evil man can use it properly," Vincenzo tells Mr. Nam and Cha-Young of the guillotine file, which is quite the alt version of how Tolkien saw the one ring of power but also makes me see the trio and Geumga Gang as a fellowship that is an ode to the Fellowship of the Ring.

Interestingly, Myung-Hee describes the power and potential of the guillotine file in almost the exact same terms as Vincenzo does, which is a subtle reminder of this show being about evil versus evil rather than evil versus good.

Just in case we missed the connection, our man Han-Seok lays it out as obviously as is possible. I also distinctly remember hearing him quote "One ring to rule them all. My precious" when I saw the episode right after it dropped — mostly because he didn't complete the chant ("One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them") — but when I went back to check that bit, Han-Seok doesn't have any lines in English. So either my lust for Ok Taec-Yeon and love for Tolkien have intersected to induce hallucinations or Netflix is snipping bits that make them antsy.

What makes this ring of power/ guillotine file parallel so interesting is that Tolkien's world is one in which it's very clearly good versus evil. The good don't have shades of grey (somewhat literally: Gandalf the Grey becomes Gandalf the White) and it is their untarnishable goodness that makes them worthy protagonists who are able to vanquish Sauron's evil. Vincenzo, on the other hand, presents to us a very different world where there is no good and the only redemption we can hope for is in the better evil winning against the worse evil. Vincenzo, our anti-hero, has killed off more than a dozen men so far without blinking an eyelid. It's not just him. Everyone has some darkness in them because society and institutions are riddled with corruption. The good, like Cha-Young's dad, don't survive this world and therefore they can't really offer any meaningful challenge to the evil. In that sense, this is as much of a contrast as one can imagine to the Tolkien worldview that believed innocence and goodness could survive (and win) no matter what.

Yet at the same time, there are similarities. The bad guys are high up in towers, just like Saruman and Sauron. They find themselves challenged by a rag-tag bunch of nobodies. Tolkien's fellowship is mostly made up of people who are considered powerless. Similarly, the Geumga Gang are seemingly insignificant. Cha-Young, once an attorney at a powerful firm, is now just a regular lawyer. Vincenzo doesn't have the backing of his mafia family (though he does have a platoon of pigeons, which is clearly and hilariously way more effective). He's also the son of a housekeeper, which places him close to the bottom of the social pyramid, despite his tailored suits, opera-watching and wine-sipping.

So yeah, Vincenzo really could be Tolkien fan fiction. Imagine that.