crosshair’s helmet is hard

i spent like an hour on it and i’m still not happy with it, but i still got some more work to do!

heya @a-lil-perspective(you should check out my post two posts back from this one ;]) and @skippyhopperwisdom, what’s up?

this is as of 1/20/21, 10:28pm

Anonymous asked:

Hi, im a compsci student too! I find it really interesting and so i decided to be a software engineer. Its just, some of my friends make me feel bad about it just because its not something i love, rather i find interesting. They give me a lot of crap about not following my dreams , and think im just doing it to get a degree. I know its none of their business but it bothers me sometimes. Did you face anything like that?

I haven’t been lowkey bullied like that no, but internally i’ve struggled with how I don’t live and breathe code like some of my peers. Some people I know program all day at uni and then go home and program for fun. For me, doing one activity like that all day is extremely draining - especially since it related to staring at a screen for hours. So in that regard, I’ve struggled mentally with if I should be studying what I am. But ultimately I enjoy my uni work, it challnges me and is engaging. And I love that.

Sounds like your ‘friends’ need to realise that for some people a job is something you find interesting and not something you love with all your heart. (Because perhaps if you loved your job and did it all the time you wouldn’t love it anymore, but idk just a thought)