Our mind has all the qualities that we wish we had. Whether it is resilience, imagination or creativity. What we really lack is motivation. 

 Motivation is stimulation of interest in something or someone. If we are motivated then there is nothing in this world which can stop us from achieving our dreams. Then the social conditions won’t matter. It wont matter if are eating properly or sleeping at all. All that would matter is achieving your dream.

 So how do we motivate ourselves?

 We cannot bring ourselves to do something even if we know this is going to help us. Why? Because motivation is not a part of conscious mind, it is a part of subconscious mind which is not motivated by logic or reason but by emotion.

 We motivate ourselves with emotion, whether positive or negative, which allows us to do things which prior would have been impossible. Positive emotions like love and joy makes us do good things, things which we enjoy and negative emotions like fear and anger makes us do things which we regret. Nonetheless, both are great motivators. one should always keep in mind which one bring forward while motivating us.

“Should” limits the possibilities.

31st July 2020.

I realised during my meditation this morning that I have been holding myself back by putting unnecessary pressure on myself to fulfil what I believe I should be, and not just allowing myself TO be.

I want to be an entrepreneur and write and speak and share my experience as this third density being, acting as a conduit for spirit’s advice, thoughts and wisdom, but I keep telling myself I need to be this and do that in order to achieve this state of freedom I so desperately desire.

That pressure, I know, is preventing me, blocking me from being the conduit I so desire to be.

I’m learning every day to listen to my intuition (spirit’s guidance) and to let go of how I think things should be. I’ve said it before, I hate the word “should”. It implies there is a correct and an incorrect way to be, but that’s not true at all.

My advice to myself today - stop thinking about what it should look like, and just start living it, regardless of how messy and unconventional and surprising it becomes. Your expectations of how it SHOULD look are limiting the possibilities of how it COULD look. Delete the word “should” from your vocabulary.

I want to write and share my higher self wisdom as it comes through to me, and live my life in this human body as my higher self would. I am not a human being experiencing the universe, I am the universe having a human experience, and I want to channel that experience into my work. Connection to spirit is becoming more of a priority for me these days as it’s how I feel truly free.

I have been trying to meditate a certain way. Pray a certain way. Work a certain way. And I believe all that pressure I am putting on myself is limiting the possibilities for success - and I am learning there is no one true path. I’m trying to funnel the “how” through my human lens and it’s preventing any other “how” from filtering through.

I guess that’s why trusting my intuition has been such a lesson and a practice. I realise the pressure and expectations I am setting for myself are effectively silencing my intuition because my human mind wants my life to be a certain way. But my intuition knows better and I keep trying to apply my logical reason to something that cannot be reasoned with, only trusted. My mind is trying to dictate to my spirit how things should go, when it is in fact the other way around. Spirit knows best, she sees every possibility from every time line. My job is to trust her and work on raising my vibrational frequency so that I can increase my chances of manifesting those possibilities into my reality.

This week I have been suffering and I know suffering is a choice. So why do I choose to suffer? Because I chose to filter my desires through a specific, small, finite funnel that only allowed for one outcome, only because I didn’t listen to my intuition.

I’m committed to reducing my suffering by allowing spirit to guide me. This is my lesson and my practice for this lifetime. One of a few.

What is the mystery behind Alignment?

A Few years ago I didn't even know what Alignment meant, but once I got it, I REALLY got it and actually realized - oh wait this is exactly what I teach I just didn't have the word for it yet 🤣

Do you have trouble defining what alignment is? Let's talk about this!

The easiest way to truly get alignment is to connect it to how the Mind and body co-create by connecting them together. Often when we separate them, this is what creates funky results - because our BODY is not influencing our manifestation. Thus Misalignment occurs.

Alignment is what influences our Results through our mindset, habits & actions.  

Alignment allows us to be an energetic match towards our desired manifestations and receiving the thing we deeply want.

Alignment creates your vibrational set point.  

So tune in here and ask: What is my current Vibrationally set point? How are you vibin?

Do you Bring awareness to your vibrational set point?  Let me know in the comments!

The easiest way to understand alignment is to realize

Alignment is when our Thoughts, Beliefs, & feeling are all free-flowing as one through the Mind-body Connection.

This means When we’re in a state of Alignment: we’re accessing the path of least resistance which allows more Flow, Ease and Fulfillment to enter into our life.

One of the things I love to teach on is

How The mind, the thoughts and beliefs we think,

influence the Body, through our Emotions

And our Emotions illustrate and radiant our Energetic State through the mind body connection.

A lot of times the reason we get so frustrated is because what is going on is we are resisting alignment vs becoming an energetic match.

And ultimately when this happens, we're influencing the way our Habits behave by how we're fueling our chakras within our emotional state we're feeling - so the entire ship is off balance.

Does this make sense to you?

It begins with getting in touch with the habits you're creating within your chakras by first checking in on your own personal alignment.

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