Please I have so many thoughts in my head but idk how to explain them I am once again asking for u guys to ask me stuff can be about ocs or character headcanons

Let me know how you like your coffee so I can make it while you’re in bed.

[5 images. A man standing in front of a television. A man standing in front of a store. A sign on the side of a building. A man standing in front of a counter. A man standing in a kitchen. Captions: You know, I bet you're the only man who's read this book. But I bet you every man here has read that stuff out there. It makes you think, doesn't it? You know, I reckon you read because you got nobody to talk to. I tell you what. So you shouldn't eat alone, why don't you come and join us?]

Things I hate: I love solving riddles, puzzles and ciphers and most games with those have some sort of mystery thriller or spy story, which is fun because I like that kind of stories. What’s not fun is that most of these games treat the player as part of the story which is v cool but also a huge huge problem for me because my idiot brain keeps going “but what if it’s real nd youre really doing dangerous stuff???” and hhhhhhhhhhhhhh now I’m sitting here torn between “continue solving fun puzzles and mystery stories” and “be stupidly terrified despite knowing that that’s all just fictional” and well . Shit.