Stress Management Training at work.

we do a Burnout Calculation to see if you are At Risk for job burnout. I score Very High, and am considered "danger zone" for burnout (this is not a surprise to me, but I love the outcome of my job and I don't want to leave)

I ask if there is a way to reverse or get out of burnout-- trainer says "Yes, with professional help, and there are lots of resources on the internet, You should definitely ask for help."

.......Bitch, what are the resources? I Am Concerned and don't want to lose my damn job. I'm Asking you for help!!!

19th Jan 2021, Tuesday

Today I suddenly got a lot of ideas for something which I wanted to do for a very long time. I wanted to make something related to my experience regarding 10th standard, and board exams.

so for the first page, as you can see there are a lot of sticky notes. They are my short notes, which my dad made for me, so I grouped them together and stuck them as a border

I took 2 business cards, stuck them together with tape and covered it with one portion of India's political map and wrote down words or phrases that were in my mind most of the time.

printed out a picture of a little girl studying peacefully in a garden/backyard

stapled cut-outs from a transparent chocolate box as labels

on that page the writing part says how my parents helped me get through all the tension and how they supported me, which I am really thankful for.

on the next page you can see a card sort of page. It's basically a card which my class teacher, who was also my SST teacher made for each one of us, which I think is really sweet.

I also stuck just 3 sides of the card from inside, so that I can open it and also it becomes an envelope.

inside that envelope I put one waste paper which I used for career counseling aptitude test, and I loved how messy it was, so I put that in

another cardboard covered with ruled pages, where I wrote what that card was about

lastly on the last page, I briefly wrote about my teachers who taught me. I am really lucky to have teachers like them. They made all the subjects so easy, fun and understandable.

I loved making these pages, it's something different and didn't take much time to finish it (good, as I finished it during my break time).

I am not really done with those pages yet, I will ad more stuff later on, once I get more time 😌👍🏼

Some of us are less stressed at the moment, some of us more. Many have money worries due to businesses locked down, and this causes us to rush around trying to find solutions. This stress and pressure spills over into daily life and everyday chores unless we break the cycle.

I hope this helps.

Please check out to order my new book or book a session with me. Lots of love. ❤️

Elim Garak understands how dealing with stress responses that make you act differently than normal can be tough when you spend a lot of time perfecting the way you present yourself to the world. Your identity is a carefully woven tapestry, but the way you present yourself can sometimes be a whole different cloth, one you have spent a long time to weave together. When you’re agitated or stressed, a thread tugs out of place, and suddenly, your seemingly perfect presentation is something that you never intended it to be. This can be quite difficult to deal with, and you might worry that peoples’ view of you might be changed by the way you deal with things like stress. Remember that just because the way you present yourself has been changed, doesn’t mean it’s irreversible. All your time perfecting the way that you present yourself to the world has not been in vain. He wishes you luck.