hello friends! drifter hasn’t visited in a few days, but i would like to introduce you to this sweet little stray! she (we don’t know if she’s a boy or girl, but we’ve decided that it’s a girl because she is very skittish... we also don’t know if drifter is a boy or girl, but we’ve decided drifter is a boy and this sweet one is a girl... I don’t know why) today was the first day that she was brave enough to stay on our back step for a while to let us pet her! i’ve decided to call her Missy... she loved her treats! 

Winter pet

Matt knew it before he walked thru the door he knew Bucky had bought home another stray at this point he was worse than Peter. Matt sighed as he got his resolve ready to stand up to Bucky's begging.

Matt walked in and heard a purr. "James we talked about this you can't just bring home animals and expect to keep them. " Matt says.

"Kingpin was abusing her. Alpine is old and sweet Matt." James says

"We can keep her for a week." Matt says his resolve breaking.

Three days later.

"Alpine I know girl Bucky is always leaving us to be with that old buff Steve." Matt coos as Bucky walks in and says "Oh wow just talk bad about me to the cat."

One week later

"Well Alpine it's off we go." Bucky says

"James we are keeping Alpine. I set up a place for her and Foggy is getting her food." Matt says

"You calle soft." Bucky mumbles

Okay so I had A DAY. I went to go feed the strays and I noticed Chonky Boy had a a wound near his tail and a neighbor said it looked bad.

So me and Chonky both went to our first vet visit. At first he was PISSED but eventually he fell asleep in the carrier with his paw in my hand.

Now he’s convalescing in the downstairs bathroom and baby boy hasn’t stopped purring.

Dammit. I might have a cat. And he probably needs a better name than Chonky.

I lovingly call this baby Shy Girl because she’s so scared of people. She’s one of the neighborhood strays and long after her siblings trusted me, she was still hiding. Finally one day out of the blue she crawled into my lap and we’ve been friends ever since. I love this baby and wish I could adopt her. There’s nothing that feels as amazing as when a skittish cat finally trusts you completely. 🥺