The first episode of Anne with an E is just so good. Seeing Marilla struggle with her conflicting feelings is a treat. Her mind is set, but then there’s something inside her, which can’t place and its irritating her. She can’t name it, while I scream at the screen, “You already love Anne, Marilla! Don’t fight it - embrace it!”

The minute Marilla lays eyes on her Anne, something shifts in her and it takes her so long to understand it because she has never felt this kind of love or feeling. She meets her wish she never knew she was making and it’a joy to watch.

Marilla’s reason tells her to not keep Anne, but then this strong feeling interferes and Marilla is confused. I like watching this conflicted Marilla, seeing how her heart grows, opens up to her Anne, knowing that deep-down she already has lost her heart to that little girl.

Wow, this some deep love, even when Marilla doesn’t realise it yet. 

Thief of the moon, thou robber of old delight, Thy charms have stolen the star-gold, quenched the moon- Cold, cold are the birds that, bubbling out of night, Cried once to my ears their unremembered tune- Dark are those orchards, their leaves no longer shine, No orange's gold is globed like moonrise there- O thief of the earth's old loveliness, once mine, Why dost thou waste all beauty to make thee fair?

Break, break thy strings, thou lutanists of earth, Thy musics touch me not-let midnight cover With pitchy seas those leaves of orange and lime, I'll not repent. The world's no longer worth One smile from thee, dear pirate of place and time, Thief of old loves that haunted once thy lover!


Thief of the Moon

Kenneth Slessor  1901-1971


Graphic - Gertrude Abercrombie  1909-1977

i love vil and drawing him having various stages of a psychotic breakdown but id bet the gems im saving for his ssr that kalim’s gonna use oasis maker to either ruin his makeup or snap him out of overblot

im a massive simp for his updo too but someonE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW HIS SHOULDER LENGTH HAIR IS LONG ENOUGH TO WRAP AROUND HIS HEAD IN A BRAID BRUH is it hair extensions?? magic?? am i hallucinating? ive been haunted by this since april someone pls send he l p