oh im sorry, what are you gonna do? tell ming-na wen she cant mack on two hot men? good luck buddy [ID: digital drawing of Boba Fett, Fennec Shand, and Cobb Vanth. They're in a classic James Bond pose, with the men sandwiching Fennec, who brandishes a long barreled gun, glint in her eye. The image has a low contrast, seafoam and light orange tone. /END ID]

why din is a good dad: a thread

1) he makes sure grogu is good before beatin the shiz outta someone (plus he looks at him like that)

2) he always carries grogu in his left arm so his right arm is free to whip out his big iron from his hip like the cowboy he is so he can protect his son grogu

3) he teaches grogu essential skills like flying and electronics from an early age

4) cuddles grogu with both arms at every opportunity:

example a:

example b:

5) prioritises his sons education over everything

6) he’s a multitasking god, too

7) takes grogu to watch the pretty fireworks

8) oh and did i already say cuddles him at every opportunity? yes. and i’ll say it again.

9) this.

din treats grogu as his own, no questions asked and without hesitation; din is a good dad and no one can tell me otherwise.

you know what? I hadn’t thought about it in a while, but I am actually still very upset that we never got to see John Boyega give an impassioned speech to an army of hostile stormtroopers, and partway through the speech just one trooper lays her blaster down and takes her helmet off, and by the end Finn has won them over and they all take their helmets off as the music swells, which signifies their change of allegiance and also reminds us the audience that underneath all those indistinguishable white helmets are people with faces and personalities and hopes and dreams and connections to the Force, people who will be led by one of their own as they rise up in rebellion against the fascist empire that treated them like interchangeable cannon fodder.

we should have had that in a movie! and we didn’t! and I’m still mad about it!