Taehyung was in heaven at the moment. You see nothing gives him more joy than seeing his boyfriend enjoy himself. And right now with the way jungkooks weight was crushing him as his boyfriend sat on top of him in the bed and ate to his hearts desire was the best.

Before last year jk was a gym rat. And sure Taehyung was all about the abs until the holiday season.

See Jungkook had gone back home to visit his mom and taheyung knows home much they pester him into eating and taking care of himself better since taheyung does that too. So when he went to go pick him up at the train station only to see his boyfriend somewhat chubbier it excited him. And by the looks of it Jungkook liked it too.

“Kookie... baby you’re crushing me.”

Jk smiled as he shoved another slice of pizza into his mouth. He tried to look back at taehyungs face but his massive weight and non existent neck barley let him.

He giggled causing his whole body to jiggle. “Sorry tete I just didn’t see you there.”

Taehyung rolled his eyes at that. But hey they’re role playing rn.

Taehyung smirked as he tired to breathe with his midsection being crushed by a 400+ man. His view was blocked by his humongous globes of fat that’ called his boyfriends ass and the love handles of his pudgy back. His hands were free and big enough to grip at his boyfriends gigantic stomach and still give him the belly rubs and jostles he deserves.

Jungkook shifted causing tae to wheeze under.

“Babe can I start drinking my soda now?!”

Taehyung could tell he was pouting so even though it was about to get messy he let his hand give a soothing rub, ”of course baby.”

Jk beamed and reached as much as he could to grab the bottles before leaning back his whole weight on his boyfriend.

Tae gave a small oof but jk was lost in his trance and opened the bottle as quick as possible before chugging.

Taehyung could only watch in awe as his boyfriend swallowed with determination. Fuck he was so hot.

His hand came to cup at Jungkooks gigantic globes of an ass and gave it a rough smack causing it to ripple the fat throughout his whole body.

Jk whined at that breaking away from his soda to let out a huge belch before contuing.

“Tae stop your making me gassy”

He said before going right back to chugging.

“Babe that’s just your natural response to eating a meal for a family if five and then these two drinks And cmon” Tae f

Gave his ass another smack “we both know you love it”

Jk moaned and dropped the empty bottle to the floor. He began to squirm in tune with his stomach rumbling.

Tae was about to be hit with a gas bomb but it was just so hot to see his big boy from this angle.

“Tae I don’t think I can hold it anymore.”

“Then don’t sweetheart I love it just as much as you do.”

With those words being said jk gave a big whine before a loud fart ripped through and loud belching followed.

Tae moaned hips trying to buck under the weight.

After a few minutes the shows was almost over and jk tried lifting up his fat asscherks to let his boyfriend out.

Tae stretched his limbs after that squashing before locking eyes with jk and hands immediately going to rub at his belly.

“Now you better get ready for round two.”