You know what I want ?

A school. 

The school system failed me ages ago and even with a death threat you wouldn’t get me back there. 

But I wish it had been different. 

I love learning. Literally. If I don’t learn something everyday, I cry. I seek for everything, every media. I’ve watched thousands of youtube tutorials, and I love learning everything they can bring to me. 

Yet I hate school. Maybe there’s a problem with school ?

I want a school that teaches me real stuff.

When I’ve learned basic maths, they stop forcing me to attend those classes and only make them possible for math nerds. Or just... nothing forced in the first place. Humans are naturally attracted to knowledge. Let kids able to go to class or not, and they’ll go back in one day or another, with more pleasure. 

That have actual supplies for art classes, so you can really unleash your creative spirit if you have one. 

That teaches us how to fight against the administrative bullshit. To fill our taxes, to apply to special funds. To have the basic employment skills early, so you can find a job at any time. And how to... get that job. Interview basics, resume making... All that stuff that is boring as fuck but so hard to find, and a hell to live without. 

A school that allows students to teach classes, because they’d know more stuff on a specific subject that anybody else. I mean. You know any diploma in dreadlocks making ? No ? Then this punk teen will teach me. 

That encourage this, so far that the differences between those who used to be the teachers and the students blur, everyone learning from everyone. 

I want a school that doesn’t “encourage hobbies” but instead gives you time to explore every passion or interest you have. To learn everything about it, or just realize you are not so into it and that’s okay, that it’s not “wasted time”. That teaches the basics of paperworks and all to someday make money or even a living out of it. 

A school that would have make me want to do sports, not forcing me to run through the pain in the colder of december. Maybe my body would be in better conditions if I’d learned to like a sport earlier.

A school that doesn’t bother with gender roles or sexuality shame. Because, who has time for that ? Boy, go change your pad so we can go back to that robot programming. 

That allows and strongly encourage multiple languages learning, which is necessary since students and teachers all come from everywhere and we all need to communicate. 

A school that has, in the basics classes, next to science, sign language for the main language, and every language class, half talked, half signed. So it won’t be an elite thing to communicate to everyone.

A school that has not “stairs by default” but something that everyone can climb or use no matter what disability they can have. That has nothing build by default to “normal” people. 

A school that makes us eat whatever the people learning cooking that day had make. Even if that’s looking disgusting, so they can improve and receive praises for their success. I mean, a lot of super good food look disgusting. Let them try. Let them be proud of what they made. 

A school that doesn’t have a library, but IS a library. Books everywhere. You can bring them everywhere, or have little rooms quiet with chairs and sofas to read on it. And every student’s request for a title filled because every book is allowed, even if white supremacy is not liked will make the people who agreed a little more... concerned and watching of that student. 

A school that actually fills the true meaning of a school : giving people time to learn all they can learn. To improve their knowledge to whatever degree they want. That teaches how to live so we struggle less after. And where we had the luxury to take time to see if we can paint, to try to control things with our minds or to try ourselves on nuclear physics. Whatever you want to learn.

A school you can enter whenever you want to. When you’re young and want time to prepare to adult life. When you’re forty and have an existential crisis and want to take a fresh start. After you retire so you can learn all you never took time to learn. With so much diversity that there is no “normal” anymore and no one expects you to be any age, any intellectual quotient, any origin. 

I want a school that makes me want to go to school !