btw i know there’s So Much happening in the world right now but there’s a difference between ‘indifference to injustice’ and ‘overloaded with horror’. 

it’s okay to look at the latest terrible atrocity and just say ‘i can’t actually process this right now without seriously fucking myself up’ and move on for the day. even the military doesn’t send its soldiers out to engage in active combat all day every day forever. there’s a reason weightlifters don’t just hold the weights over their head perpetually. you need breaks. you need to rest and play. you need to close your eyes for awhile. 

it’s okay to say ‘i can’t handle that.’ it’s okay to say ‘i can’t carry this.’ the world is really heavy, and you need to know when to put it down for awhile. 

it’s okay. 

help us fight against the racist portland police:

hi friends! my long-time family friend, ariston, and their partner, jess, are currently being retaliated against by the portland police/city of portland and are in serious need of support! i’ve known ariston my whole life and their involvement in portland’s activist community has been an inspiration to me and many others. 

this is a joint campaign to raise money for the legal defense of jess and ariston, as they face blatant racial discrimination, defamation, and inflated legal retaliation from the city or portland and the portland police bureau for exercising their right to protest. 

ariston is a musician, a credentialed independent journalist, and educator within the portland public schools that works with autistic students. jess worked as a frontline healthcare worker for over 10 years, and worked through the pandemic in emergency overflow COVID-19 facilites before she lost her job and license in february due to the PPB’s actions against her. 

all funds gathered with this campaign will go towards legal retainment and associated ongoing costs during the criminal court proceedings. initial retainer fees have been quoted at $20k each in addition to ongoing fees. after the criminal proceedings, they intend to fil suit for damages and discrimination. any surplus funds will be distributed to our local BIPOC community members in need.

pls donate and share/signal boost!! 

Language like “lower/middle/upper class” and hyperfocusing on the “rich” is inherently counterrevolutionary. Convincing people that “class” refers to how much money someone has, rather than their position in an economic hierarchy, was a brilliant propaganda tactic - because it makes people forget that there are rich people in the working class (doctors, actors, etc) and poor people in the owning class (small business owners, small-time landlords) and has convinced us to vilify the former and defend the latter contrary to our own interests

It’s also lead to petty resentment among the working class, where “lower class” blue collar workers will sneer at posh “middle class” white collar workers, rather than uniting with them to fight our mutual oppressors. Hating others for having more than they have rather than recognizing that we all deserve to have that much and more. Actors make loads of money because they’ve always had fantastically strong unions and have negotiated the rights to receive a relatively decent proportion of the value they produce (though they still get fucked over pretty often) - that’s a good thing! They’re not the enemy!

We’re all exploited. We’re all stuck in bullshit jobs to keep us exhausted or working for a fraction of what our labor produces, and it’s because there are people who feel entitled to extract value from us just because they or their ancestors had the money or firepower to claim resources that rightfully belong to all of us

✨​ also trans rights are human rights ✨​