Spirit Services

Spirit healing:

Many times our spirit allies and friends take a hit for us, in trying to defend us from incoming attacks. Such cases could be enemy spells, hostile energies, or even other spirits (like tar spirits). In certain cases, our defenders recover naturally, by themselves. However there are cases where they remain wounded, or damaged in some way; sometimes they are in pain and a sensitive person may perceive their anguish. I offer restoration and healing to those precious allies, restoring them to their initial potential. Recovery within 3 days. 20 dollars.

Spirit Grounding (service upgrade):

There are times when longer periods of recuperation are needed; or perhaps the keeper wishes to replenish their allies’ energy by grounding. If a familiar (or a spirit that lives with you) is to be properly rejuvenated, they need grounding from time to time. This typically happens 8 times a year, at the major points of the pagan wheel; the spirits may dive into the earth for a while, much like we dive into a pool to be refreshed. Nevertheless, what most people do not know is that the spirits bound to you (or familiars, etc), in order to be fully nourished those times, they must be able to use land that you own. 

Many people live in apartments or in rent; some may not own a farm, or a private garden. A plant pot won’t do; there has to be a direct connection with the earth itself. This service offers just that. In a plot of land I own, I use a dedicated crystal for them (like a hotel room) which then stays in the allotted area (you can see photos of this). The crystals and location are selected based on the information you give me. The plot of land is located in Greece, in a specific area that is rich in energies since the ancient times. More information when contacted. Cost: 35 dollars.

Spirit Locating:

There are occasions when our trusted friends and allies vanish for days, or even for prolonged periods. Sometimes it’s due to their own evolutionary path, or due to adventures in the astral realm; other times it could indicate danger, or some test. Either way, this service can locate them for you, pinpointing them so that you don’t have to worry. A report will follow, with whatever information I am able to receive. By utilizing my own techniques, as well as getting some basic information so I can focus better, I am able to do this for you, for 10 dollars (per spirit).

Spirit Message:

The spirits that are around us seldomly do so without reason; they love us, or perhaps they wish to assist in our evolution. Sometimes there are mutual benefits. Either way, they often have something to say, especially to those wishing to turn to a more spiritual outlook, or whose path leads them to crossroads. Our familiar spirits and those others who work with us may have important messages for you. I can convey these messages to you, and I will produce a letter so that you can archive and be up to date with your trusted friends. This service costs 20 dollars per spiritual message.

Restless dead (communication and assistance with moving on):

This may seem self-explanatory to some, but it is basically a two-way communication with the spirits of the dead that haven’t left the earthly plane (for any reason). Sometimes it is the spirit of a beloved one, or simply a ghost that refuses to leave you alone. In any case, much can be gained from receiving information as to why they are still here, or what they wish to accomplish by sticking around a person. The service may include advice and also, assistance with moving on to the next plane or phase in their evolution (wherever appropriate). More details upon request. Cost: 30 dollars.

1916 Sopwith Pup 9917 G-EBKY in the colours of the Royal Navy Air Services by Chris Murkin Via Flickr: 1916 Sopwith Pup 9917 G-EBKY This Bi Plane is in the colours of the Royal Navy Air Services which would have served on HMS Manxman Photo taken at Old Warden Drive in Airshow Shuttleworth Old Warden Aerodrome Biggleswade Bedfordshire UK BAC_8576

Kutuna Commissions

There's been some recent interest in my kutun from last year, and it is nearly that time of year again already! I have decided to open up 7 commission spots this year for kutuna. These charms are native to the traditions of the Pyrenees and the Basque people, and are a sacred and upheld tradition of charm making to keep away evil spirits and spellcraft and bring in good luck. Other variations of the charm can be used to aid a baby teething, or aid a sickly animal.

My kutuna are crafted from red felt and hand embroidered, filled with materia harvested and dried under the solstice sun and other such practical elections.

This year, after a good deal of interest in last year's batch, I'll be opening up 7 commission slots. These kutuna will be each unique, hand crafted and blessed. Prepared on the summer solstice, essentially sewing in the protective nature of the sun. You can DM me personally to discuss costs and shipping. Deposits won't be due until a week before the summer solstice. The kutuna will be individually prepared the week following the solstice, and mailed out early July.

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