Homaranismo Theme 10 Revamp

Theme 10, previously known as Esperanto, has been revamped! 

This new version comes with a cleaner design, higher accessibility and full responsiveness – definitely a theme you don’t want to miss out on.

Check the source link for more information on the theme and how to get it.

Anonymous asked:

Hi! I absolutely love your blog and cannot express enough thanks for your masterlist. But I had a problem. So there's this fic called Remote by Sara Holmes, I believe and I've been really interested in reading it but I just cannot find it anywhere. Like I've looked on all websites, everywhere but it's vanished off the face of the internet. Is there any way you could help me place it? I'm sorry this seems like too much to ask, but if there was any way I could read it, that would be great, tysm <3

Hello! Im not sure sure whether the author took it down themself, but if that’s the case I’m reluctant to go hunting for it, as I’m sure they would have done so for a reason. If any of my followers have any (public!) links to the fic or have any idea as to why the fics arent up anymore, lmk in the comments!

Please help me find the original Creator of the Lost Oogie Boogie Dubstep!

I’ve been looking for this damn song for 3 years now!

I have already searched for it thoroughly on YouTube, even looking through deleted videos through the way back machine on playlists and nothing.

Recreations I made for as REFERENCE! Use them to help with the search!

Beginning recreation