Bad Fires !! Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park evacuations. Neighborhoods are gone. So far we are staying put and not evacuated. Text 888-777 and type in your zip code for live updates and evacuations.

Video my step dad took of our neighborhood. Cleaning up what’s left of thousands of family’s homes. I think he said this is the biggest toxic clean up in American history. It’s not some flooding that destroyed homes or an oil spill- it’s heat that melted everything in a house, from refrigerators to cleaning supplies to electronics and washing machines. The clean up crew is working under strict guidelines for safety. All we have left are memories of the home. Well that and the images of the rotting bones of my pets that was seared into my mind when I visited.

Please pray for Santa Rosa, California and all cities affected by the Tubbs Fire.

Santa Rosa is where I was born and have spent all 17 years of my life here. This place is all I know. It was immensly scary how much happened. The skies turned black immensely fast and the moon turned red. Everywhere you look you could see a bright orange glow. And you never knew when youd have to leave or how close the fires could be spreading. Theres over 175,000 people in this area and nearly everyone was forced to evacuate. It is a very sad day as most of my friends have completely lost their house and have no where to go. We have also lost our landmark the Round Barn, which can be traced back to the founding of Santa Rosa.

It started late last night and spread over 20,000 + acres of land.

So far there are 10 confirmed deaths and over 150,000 + homes completely lost.

The 2 major hospitals in the area had to be evacuated and firefighters from all over California, as well as surrounding states have come to help.

The fire is 0% contained and could jump and start more anytime.

All of these seperate fires were spread by 50 + mph dry winds. It created around 20 + seperate fires that kept spreading.

Entire blocks, mobile home parks, and stores have been completely wiped out.

Please pray for all 3 counties affected by this fire.

Being blond, blue-eyed, and gorgeous may be a California cliche, but in Skye's case, it's just the reality!

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@Regranned from @rraw_report - A tree burning from the inside out made the news. From out in California. Now what you probably don't know about the California fires if you don't live out there, is that a lot of expensive property is coming up burnt, and that also a lot of looting is going on in those properties, from expensive countertops to stuff like that. And many are thinking that, this is some type of cynical Way by the government to get people out of the property for whatever reason. I don't know, what do you think? . . . . . #californiawildfires #california #tubbsfire #santarosa #sonomacounty #sonoma #wildfire #wildfires #sonomastrong #napa #fire #napavalley #atlasfire #winecountry #californiafires #napafire #winecountryfires #northbayfires #napastrong #prayforcalifornia #smoke #nunsfire #santarosafire #love #norcalfires #sonomafire #napafires #repost #northerncalifornia #norcal