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Ever been in love

With your twin flame

Let me tell you that's

One hell of a game

Once you finally

Make the connection

Your soul instantly

Becomes resurrected

The walls you built

Come crashing down

Not even trying

To make a sound

When you're in love

They become your drug

It's like an iv to the soul

That makes you feel whole

Close your eyes

And go to sleep

For they found

The spirit to creep

Taking you to all

The different realms

Steering your ship with

No need for helms

You've become their slave

They can't let

You slip away

The grip is so tight

But you have no

Energy to fight

Falling helplessly

In their arms

Mesmerized by their

Looks and charms

Feeling like you've melted

Souls becoming welded

Passion so deep inside

No ability to

Try to hide

This is what's it's like

When they take you

To the other side

No need to die


NostalgicMermaid77 🧜🏻‍♀️💙💚🧡💜🌈


I crave your sin

Buried deep within

I see your hunger

Locked In a cage

Trying to get

Out of the maze

When you close your eyes

What do you see

I’m hoping you say

It’s always me

I am here to rescue

You from sorrow

So you can look

Forward to all tomorrows

Open your eyes and

Take my hand

I’ll be the one to

Take you to Neverland

I am your soulmate

Possibly your twin flame

Don’t worry my love

We will never part again

For this is our new life

Trust in me to

Remove the knife

I press my lips onto yours

Causing our souls

To take the detours

I pull your body

Close to mine

And feel our

Love become entwined

Captain, you are my forever

My happily ever after

Come with me so

We can start our next chapter


NostalgicMermaid77 🧜🏻‍♀️💙🧡🌈

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