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I really like what they are doing with Cinder's character this volume but there has been one thing that's been in the back of my mind...

What did Ruby actually do to Cinder at Beacon??

We know she got wrecked after Ruby activated her silver eyes for the first time. For awhile it was implied that it was because of her silver eyes that cinder was severely injured but after vol 5 and 6 that doesn't seem to be the case.

The Silver Eye power seems to only affect grim. Which explains why her grim arm makes her vulnerable. But she wasn't part grim yet during the Fall of Beacon. And while being a maiden doesn't stop the affect of the silver eyes, there's not really anything that suggests silver eyes harm a maiden (Penny was unaffected both times Ruby used her silver eyes.)

So that means...

It was Ruby herself.

Ruby blinded and sliced Cinder's arm off in a fit of grief and rage.

Why is no one talking about this??? Doesn't the rest of team rwby and jnr wonder? Ruby clearly doesn't have any memory of the event but wouldn't she see cinder and wonder what happened?? Ruby, a pure hearted child straight up tried to murder her. It's a kind of violence we haven't seen from her on screen. You'd think they'd address this at some point.