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I am frustrated with c!Sam. I’m mad that he treated Tommy terribly, in the way that many others on the server do. But while I am a Tommy apologist, I am also a Sam apologist. Which is wonderfully contrasted rn tbh, BUT makes me put even more emphasis on the fact that Sam is not evil or completely in the wrong, he’s just s t r u g g l i n g.

Sam cares. I know many of the tommy enthusiasts saw how Sam reacted and reacted with “He was supposed to care! He was supposed to be the one that was there for him!” And yeah! Man, I was pissed too, you can look back at my posts crying in the tags! But the reality of it is, Awesamdude cares so much. He cares probably the most out of everyone on the server besides Tubbo and maybe Ranboo! But, he’s also the prison warden.

The problem we have here is, was that Sam used to be the perfect candidate for watching over the prison. This is because Sam used to be one of the most neutral people on the server, with no involvement in anything and no conflict of interest besides the friends that didn’t mind if he participated or not. But that changed. He became involved with the Eggpire after an attempt to force him to join. He joined up with Puffy after seeing how dangerous it all was. He started to get to know Ranboo, only able to stand by and watch the problems he deals with. He aided Tubbo whenever he needed it, and he got to know Tommy after all those hours helping with his hotel. He got attachments. And that’s where the conflict comes from, because the minute Awesamdude started to get involved with other people, he had to start making the choice between keeping Dream in the prison and focusing on the people he cared about.

And not only does he now have attachments in the picture, but the job of the warden is a mental strain in itself. Sam mentioned it to Foolish, about how he rarely sleeps, he cries himself to sleep because of how the prison affects him, and how he rarely leaves it, so he can make sure nothing happens. It’s a terrible job.

And Tommy gets trapped in the prison with Dream. He’s faced with his first choice. Get Tommy out while the prison is still having security problems, and risk letting Dream out- or keep them both in there until he can figure out what went wrong, fix it, and let Tommy out with no risk. So he really only has one safe option here, because it’ll only be a week at most, and Tommy’s safe. And at this point, Dream has adamantly pointed out how important Tommy is to him, he said he wouldn’t kill him, and mentioned how important he is to the server. Sam couldn’t have known that Tommy was going to die. HECK we weren’t convinced it was a canon death at first. But he does. And Ranboo was right, he had options, but if Sam wanted to keep everyone safe from Dream, that was his only option. And Tommy’s death absolutely shatters him. We see that he went out to his own island during the time Tommy was still dead, made him a grave, and mourned away from the chaos. He sees himself as a failure. And then Quackity comes to him. So yeah at this point, Sam is devastated about Tommy death, and Big Q suggests to kill Dream. And MAN IF THEY DID THAT THEY WOULD’VE FOUND TOMMY ALIVE BUT YKNOW PAIN. anyway.

But then, Sam refuses to. And Tommy is revived.

So he sticks true to the words Tommy gives him after he leaves the prison. To not let anyone in to see Dream, and to make sure he never gets out. And that’s what’s so ironic about all of this, is that everything he does from this point on is to stick true to that, so that this never happens again. But now we have another factor to add to the pile. The revive book.

And Quackity comes to him, once again. And now Sam’s only goal right now is to make sure he keeps Dream in, because he failed Tommy once and he can’t let it happen again. But now the revive book is a problem, so Q comes to suggest they get the info from Dream. He has his own intentions for this, but tries to get Sam to let him torture Dream. Which mind you was most definitely manipulation. Big Q may not have meant to, or not have seen it as that, but Sam was used while he was vulnerable and his feelings were used against him to agree with Big Q. So yeah, Sam agrees, so he can get avenge Tommy and not let Dream hurt anyone else. He’s convinced that it’s the right thing to do.

And then here comes Tommy, also, once again. I’d say Sam’s highest priority at this point is the prison, which I mean fair, but that means it’s also priority over the people he cares about. And we’ve seen now multiple times how far Sam will go for this damn prison after Tommy’s death. He’s killed Ponk, and tortured him for keycards. He killed Foolish. He lets Quackity torture Dream. So when he sees Tommy’s axe, he’s presented with another choice, a choice to be made quickly. Kill Tommy or force him to come back. And for Sam, this is the guy who said to make sure to never let anyone in, and don’t let Dream get out. Right now it seems like Tommy is trying to let Dream out. But he doesn’t kill him. With protocol, he should. But he doesn’t. 

He’s now presented with a second choice, because after he brings Tommy back, Dream is now threatening to kill + revive Ghostbur. And of course he doesn’t send Tommy back because Sam thinks he’s trying something to let Dream out. He needs to get the security threat, Tommy, out of there. He leaves Ghostbur there and closes the lava wall. Ghostbur is revived. And all heck breaks loose.

Both Tommy and Sam are to blame here at least a bit. And Sam is out of his mind, because TOMMY said not to let Dream out, and he thinks TOMMY is now trying to let him out. He’s angry and panicking because once again, someone died under his watch. It wasn’t fair of him to blame every problem with the prison on Tommy. He also didn’t let Tommy explain what he was trying to do. It wasn’t fair of Tommy to put Sam in that position. Honestly that whole thing was fucked from the start.

But to conclude, Sam is not a bad person. He’s a good person who’s done some bad things. And they were with good intentions too. God Sam is just trying to keep everyone safe, but he’s doing it all alone. He’s losing himself in taking all of the burden alone, and is constantly being put in the position to choose between people and keeping Dream in. He needs help.

He’s trying to protect people from not letting them in. He’s trying to stick to the protocols of the prison, so there’s some order to keep Dream in there. And, he’s trying to figure out how to handle the newfound knowledge of the revive book. It’s too much for him to do alone.

And we come face to face once again, after a long analysis, of the true villain of the server. Miscommunication and misinformation. :D

anyway, those are my thoughts on this, most of it is just me thinking about why Sam does the things he does, because even after all of that he still put Tommy as a priority and didn’t kill him. So I mean. That’s something. Share your thoughts if you’d like!